Ararat-Eskijian book reading and conversation with Maral Boyadjian

Ararat-Eskijian Museum
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Mission Hills CA, 91345
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January 28, 2015

Ararat-Eskijian Museum invites you for a book reading and conversation with
the author Maral Boyadjian and moderator Ms. Salpi Ghazarian. * `As the
Poppies Bloomed’ *February 08, 2015, 4 PM, Ararat-Eskijian Museum/Sheen
Chapel, 15105 Mission Hills Road, Mission Hills CA 91345.

The event is dedicated in the memory of Anno and Daron of Sassoun.

It is 1913 late summer in the Ottoman Empire, the sun rises, full and
golden, atop a lush, centuries-old village Salor tucked into the highlands
of Sassoun, an Armenian family tries to maintain its traditional way of
life in this historical novel, ‘As the Poppies Bloom’. In her debut novel,
Boyadjian vividly conjures the specific sensory details of the Armenians’
lost world-food, drink, nature, daily tasks, and handmade objects,
such as
a rug given for a wedding.

Maral Boyadjian paints a timeless love story against the backdrop of one
of the most dramatic but long-forgotten tragedies of the early twentieth

The story is fiction but is based on memories from the author’s four
grandparents-all survivors of the 1915 Armenian genocide. Their survival
adds a note of hope. Powerful and sensitive, this tragic novel helps
illuminate a historical episode still too little known or acknowledged

Admission free (Donations appreciated) – =8F Reception and book signing
following the program.

For more information call the Ararat-Eskijian Museum at 818- 838-4862, or
e-mail: [email protected]

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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