Road condition




YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 26, ARMENPRESS. The Road Department SNCO of the ministry of territorial administration and infrastructure informs that today, as of 09:30, no precipitation is reported in Armenia.

All inter-state and republican roads are open.

Drivers are urged to use snow tires.

Editing and Translating by Aneta Harutyunyan

Minor earthquake detected near Georgia-Armenia border




YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 26, ARMENPRESS. The Seismological Network of the Seismic Protection Regional Service says it detected a magnitude 2,4 earthquake at the Georgia-Armenia border zone, 16km south-west from the town of Dmanisi at 04:45 local time November 26.

The tremors measured at MSK 3 at the epicenter.

The Seismological Network of the Seismic Protection Regional Service hasn't received any reports on residents having felt the tremors. 


Editing and Translating by Stepan Kocharyan

Artsakh authorities continue searching for bodies of killed troops in Martuni, Martakert




STEPANAKERT, NOVEMBER 26, ARMENPRESS. The State Service of Emergency Situations of Artsakh continues search operations of bodies of killed servicemen in the Martuni and Martakert regions, as well as in the Mataghis-Talish directions, the agency’s spokesperson Hunan Tadevosyan told ARMENPRESS.

Tadevosyan said they have completed the search operations around Shushi.

After completing the work in the abovementioned directions, the rescuers will start searching in Fizuli and Hadrut. “The International Committee of the Red Cross is conducting negotiations, we will start search operations as soon as we receive permission,” Tadevosyan said, adding that search operations are also underway both by the Armenian and Azeri sides in territories that are under Azeri control.

The Russian peacekeepers are participating in the operations.

Editing and Translating by Stepan Kocharyan

Stepanakert City public transport restored




YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 26, ARMENPRESS. Public transport and road traffic, as well as power and water supply is restored in Stepanakert City, the Russian Defense Ministry reported. It said that the peaceful life is being restored in the capital of Artsakh with the support of the Inter-Departmental Center of Humanitarian Response.

Residents continue returning to their homes.

The Russian peacekeeping contingent’s engineering units assist the Artsakh authorities in clearing the roads and restoring social infrastructures.

Editing and Translating by Stepan Kocharyan

Catholicos of All Armenians welcomes French Senate’s adoption of resolution to recognize Artsakh




YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 26, ARMENPRESS. His Holiness Garegin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians, welcomes the adoption of the resolution by the Senate of France on the necessity to recognize the Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh), His Holiness Garegin II said on social media.

“This was an important and humanitarian step on the path to the international recognition of the Artsakh people’s right to free and independent life. We are delivering our blessings to the friendly France, the good people and the factions of the Senate”, the statement says.

On November 25 the Senate of France has adopted a resolution on the necessity to recognize the Nagorno Karabakh Republic. The resolution was passed with 305 votes in favor, 1 against and 30 abstentions. During the Senate session the MPs called on the government to act, stand by the Armenian people and recognize the independence of Nagorno Karabakh.

Editing and Translating by Aneta Harutyunyan

Aznavour Foundation sends humanitarian aid to Armenia with support of its partners




YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 26, ARMENPRESS. More than 35 tonnes of humanitarian aid was collected in France and Switzerland by the Aznavour Foundation and its various partners to be sent to Armenia. Part of this aid will leave on November 27 in a plane chartered by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs within the framework of the humanitarian support announced by the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron.

“Armenia always held a special place in Charles Aznavour’s heart. He has become a symbol for earthquake survivors in Gyumri and stood next to Armenian people in the happiest as well as in the saddest days till the very end of his life. Nowadays, his legacy and vision continue through the Aznavour Foundation and we stand with Armenians in these difficult times. With the help of our friends and partners we were able to collect 35 tons of humanitarian aid that will be transferred to Armenia with the support of Emmanuel Macron and the French Government”, – said Nicolas Aznavour, Co-founder and Chairman of the of directors of the Aznavour Foundation.

Kristina Aznavour, the CEO of the Aznavour Foundation, will arrive from France and personally take part in the distribution process together with the Foundation’s team in Armenia. Numerous organizations all over France and Switzerland, as well as individuals of Armenian and non-Armenian decent participated in collecting this considerable amount of humanitarian aid.

Adhering to the vision of its co-founding father, philanthropist Charles Aznavour, the Aznavour Foundation continues to support Armenia.  During this difficult humanitarian situation in Artsakh and Armenia, the Foundation has mobilized all its resources and opportunities to provide targeted assistance to people and sectors in need.

“From the very first day of the war, the future “Aznavour Centre” was transformed into a joint aid distribution compound. Together with Viva Foundation we supported hospitals and doctors with necessary equipment and medical supplies.  As part of the assistance to healthcare, we have also purchased an ambulance with all necessary equipment and accessories.

At the same time we continue our cooperation with the Ministries of Health, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Emergency Situations and other governmental bodies in Armenia and Artsakh to be able to evaluate and respond to the most urgent needs.

We closely cooperate with Diaspora, supporting the collection of humanitarian aid abroad, as well coordinating its transportation to the Republic of Armenia.  In addition to the 35 tonnes that we will be shipping in November and early December, we have already sent several dozen tonnes of medical equipment from France and abroad to Armenia. During this period we have provided food and hygiene items to hundreds of families that have temporarily moved from Artsakh to Armenia. We have also provided our support to the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund by transferring the donation at the very start of the war. In the days of the war, we made the decision to work quietly on security issues and to focus on providing aid. Nowadays we would like to thank all of our donors, friends and volunteers. Since accountability to our donors and beneficiaries is the key aspect of our work, we will now on share with you with our news and updates through the Aznavour Foundation's page on social networks”, the Foundation said in a statement.

Armenia COVID-19: 1785 new cases, 2142 recoveries and 28 deaths in one day




YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 26, ARMENPRESS. 1785 new cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) have been confirmed in Armenia in the past one day, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 130,870, the ministry of healthcare said today.

2142 more patients have recovered in one day. The total number of recoveries has reached 103,055.

4383 tests were conducted in the past one day.

28 more patients have died, raising the death toll to 2068.

The number of active cases is 25,228.

The number of patients who had a coronavirus but died from other disease has reached 519 (6 new such cases).

Reporting by Lilit Demuryan; Editing and Translating by Aneta Harutyunyan

Pashinyan says implementation of recovery roadmap, ensuring stability is “absolute priority"




YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 26, ARMENPRESS. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan says that the implementation of the post-war roadmap he unveiled on November 18 and ensuring foreign and domestic security and stability is an “absolute priority and necessity”.

“We must live through these difficult times and we must overcome the time and its difficulties,” Pashinyan said at a Cabinet meeting. “I’d like to repeat, as Prime Minister of Armenia I take entire responsibility for the existing situation. But I realize that I am responsible not only for what has happened until now, but also for further developments.”

“The government has already adopted two rather major action plans supporting our compatriots in Artsakh. The adoption of such actions will continue for as long as necessary,” he said, adding that the government will also start restoring the settlements that were damaged during the war in the provinces of Syunik and Gegharkunik.

Editing and Translating by Stepan Kocharyan

Search for missing in action, exchange of POWs priority for Armenian government – PM




YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 26, ARMENPRESS. The search operations for those missing due to the recent war in Nagorno Karabakh, as well as the exchange of prisoners of war are an absolute priority for the Armenian government, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said during today’s Cabinet meeting.

“We are working on these issues on a daily regime. The main problem is that the efficiency of this work, unfortunately, doesn’t depend on us only. The activity and further improvement of the social protection guarantees for the families of those killed, the disabled persons and other groups and citizens affected from war is in the list of our urgent actions”, the PM said.

Editing and Translating by Aneta Harutyunyan

Aurora announces international fundraising campaign for people of Artsakh




YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 26, ARMENPRESS. The global Aurora Humanitarian Initiative continues to provide direct assistance to the people of Artsakh affected by the war who are now in Artsakh and Armenia, the IdeA Foundation told Armenpress.

Twenty direct aid projects have already been confirmed, with a total budget of AMD 102 million ($200,000). The projects are implemented in partnership with charities and non-governmental and governmental organizations working locally. Applications are being accepted at [email protected].

Aurora has also announced its basic principles of working in this area and the launch of a new stage of international fundraising under the auspices of #AraratChallenge.

In addition to financial requests as well as donations, applications are also being accepted for the provision of or the demand in volunteer and specialist assistance. On Tuesday, December 1, the first list of volunteer projects will be announced.

The list of confirmed projects financed by Aurora can be found below:  

Urgent humanitarian aid to families and children

  1. Assisting in resettlement of displaced persons from Shushi in Stepanakert and other Artsakh localities (in cooperation with the Shushi Narekatsi” Art Union and the “HrantMatevosyan” Foundation) – $12,500 (AMD 6.4 million)
  1. Providing urgent humanitarian assistance to the population of 7 villages in Martakert Province (Nor Maraga, Nor Aygestan, Nor Seysulan, Nor Karmravan, Nor Haykajur, Nor Jraberd, Hovtashen) – $10,000(AMD 5.1 million)
  2. Providing 1,000 bedding sets to the temporarily displaced people from Artsakh relocated to Armenia – $12,700 (AMD 6.5 million)
  3. Making 500 warm jackets for the people of Artsakh at the Stepanakert Clothing Factory – $12,000 (AMD 6.1 million)
  4. Humanitarian aid program assistance for 600 Artsakh families affected by the war (in cooperation with the Bari Mama Foundation) – $10,000 (AMD 5.1 million)
  5. Purchasing 200 heaters for temporarily displaced Artsakh families – $2,500 (AMD 1.3 million)

Healthcare services

  1. Assisting in the repair of X-ray equipment of the Republican Hospital of Stepanakert – $10,500 (AMD 5.4 million)
  2. Assisting the Traveling Doctors of Armenia Foundation in organizing athome medical services for the wounded (with limited mobility) in the hard-to-reach regions of Artsakh and Armenia.- $10,000 (AMD 5.1 million)
  1. Contributing to the acquisition of ambulances for Artsakh (in cooperation with the Support Our Heroes Foundation) – $20,000 (AMD 10.2 million)
  2. Purchasing vital medication for senior citizens residing in Artsakh (in cooperation with the Miasin Foundation) – $2,000 (AMD 1.0 million)
  3. Purchasing 55 folding beds for the forcibly displaced people from Artsakh (in cooperation with the VIVA Foundation) – $3,000 (AMD 1.5 million)

Restoration; equipment

  1. Assisting in restoring secondary school 1 in Martakert (in cooperation with the Artsakh Ministry of Education).- $20,000 (AMD 10.2 million)
  2. Assisting the Martuni City Administration in restoring school №2 named afterMesropMashtots hit by aerial bombardment - $20,000 (AMD 10.2 million)
  3. Assistance in founding a bakery in Stepanakert for the purpose of free distribution of bread for 6 months and for providing new jobs (in cooperation with Tikoonq Initiative Group) – $10,000 (AMD 5.1 million)
  1. Contributing to the fitting out of temporary shelters in Stepanakert for the displaced people from Artsakh – $10,000 (AMD 5.1 million)
  2. Assisting the Stepanakert City Administration in restoring local civil infrastructure – $10,000 (AMD 5.1 million)


  1. Contributing to providing meals for 166 people currently housed in Sevan, Dilijan, Yerevan for 15 days (in cooperation with the Victory-2020 Foundation) – $10,000 (AMD 5.1 million)
  2. Contributing to providing meals for 65 children and adults from Artsakh currently housed in the “Holy Mother of Armenia” Catholic Center (Gyumri) for 30 days – $9,750 (AMD 5.0 million)


  1. Purchasing essentials for 200 Artsakh families temporarily relocated to Armenia (in cooperation with the “House of Hope” Foundation) – $3,000 (AMD 1.5 million)
  2. Providing 50 kits with essentials to the children forced to relocate from Artsakh to Armenia (in cooperation with Global Shapers) – $2,050 (AMD 1.05 million).