Economy minister: We don’t think Meghri road will be opened sooner than that from Armenia to Iran via Nakhichevan
Armenia – March 15 2023

The calculations that as a result of unblocking the communication channels in the region, Armenia's GDP will grow by 30 percent is a forecast that takes into account many factors. Of course, no one predicted what kind of fragmentation would occur in the world, that different economic blocs would separate from each other, Minister of Economy Vahan Kerobyan said in an interview with Armenian

"We also have our plans: the construction of the North-South route, now the issue of building a fast transport route between Armenia and Europe is being discussed quite intensively. You also know that we are moving forward quickly in the Gyumri dry port project. All of this is to help us get those economic benefits from de-blockage of the region. Today I can say that if before we assumed it would be 30 percent, now we can expect even more. The world is fragmenting and we want to be a bridge among those fragments," said the minister.

When asked if there is any research to claim such a thing, he answered: "We're updating that research right now, the task force is working, we'll have more recent research on our potential in the next few months."

As for if only the Meghri railway is opened, what will it give to Armenia, especially considering that the country has to spend $200 million to repair that section, Kerobyan responded: "The Margara checkpoint [on Armenia’s border with Turkey] was opened first—albeit, temporary. There is already an agreement that in June the border will be opened for tourists, for third countries, there is an agreement to restore the Ani bridge.

Now we are in such a turbulent situation that various changes, exacerbations, reversals of some agreements are possible. But today, the first communication that we imagine should be opened is the tourist section of the Armenian-Turkish border.

With the opening of the road you mentioned, the direct road from Armenia to Iran will be opened near Yeraskh [village], which is also a very important road for us in terms of railway and motor vehicle transport. We do not think that the road to Meghri will be opened sooner than the road from Armenia to Iran via Nakhichevan. And if we compare those two with each other, then our economic benefits will be very big," Kerobyan emphasized.

Culture: ‘Echoes of Armenia’ show at Al Owais Cultural Foundation enthralls audiences


Event a part of the foundation’s efforts to enrich UAE’s cultural scene

Dubai: The Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Foundation hosted a folkloric dance show titled the “Echoes of Armenia” performed by the Prof Art Dance Ensemble on Wednesday evening.

The Armenian show was inspired by a profound heritage that recounts traditional folk tales. Dressed in colourful hand-made costumes, the group performed a variety of traditional Armenian folk dances and musical pieces using common musical instruments from the Armenian culture.

The show included many folkloric dances and musical performances such as: Waltz dance by Aram Khachaturian, Kevork Garabedian music band, Vaspurakan dance group performing “Life and Battle” song, Kosher Yarkhusta folk dance, Zul Artsakh musical, Colours of Armenia dance, a Garden Rose song, Kinto dance, the Eagle song, Sayat-Nova dance, Caravan dance group, Shalakho dance and Shushi dance.

The event comes as part of the foundation’s efforts to enrich the UAE’s cultural scene and artistic movement, contributing to turn it into a leading cultural beacon in the region.

The Prof Art Dance is one of Armenia’s most well-known dance companies, founded and directed by artist Tigran Mnoyan, who studied dance at Khachatur Abovyan Armenian State Pedagogical University’s Faculty of Culture.

Mnoyan, a professional dancer, founded the Prof Art Dance Studio in 2014, which now has over 100 members.

The troupe consists of 30 professional dancers who have performed at many international theatres and festivals around the world, including the US, Russia, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Qatar, Oman, Bulgaria, Turkey and the UAE.

In 2019, the National Dance Art Union of Armenia awarded the troupe a first-class diploma on the fifth anniversary of the foundation of the Prof Art Dance Studio.

The event was attended by Abdul Hamid Ahmed, the foundation’s Secretary General, Bishop Mesrop Sarkissian, Archbishop of the Armenians in the UAE, Gegham Gharibjanian, Armenian Ambassador in the UAE, and a large number of Armenian public figures, intellectuals and media professionals.

Abdul Hamid Ahmed presented a memento to troupe leader Tigran Mnoyan and certificates of appreciation to the group members at the end of the show. He thanked them for their mesmerising performance, which reflected Armenia’s authentic heritage of and wished them continued success in their artistic careers.

Armenian and Egyptian FMs highlight constructive engagement of stakeholders in the South Caucasus



 18:39, 9 March 2023

YEREVAN, MARCH 9, ARMENPRESS. Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan, who was invited to the ministerial session of the Arab League Council, had a meeting with Egypt's Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry on March 9 in Cairo.

As ARMENPRESS was informed from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia, the interlocutors expressed satisfaction with the high-level political dialogue and relations based on centuries-old friendship between the peoples of Armenia and Egypt. The sides expressed conviction that the historic visit of the Egyptian President to Armenia in January will be a new impetus for the expansion of bilateral cooperation.

Ararat Mirzoyan and Sameh Shoukry exchanged ideas on the perspectives of cooperation between the two countries in trade and economy, information technologies, tourism and other fields. In this regard, the holding of the next, 6th session of the Armenian-Egyptian intergovernmental commission and the need to activate business ties were highlighted.

International and regional security and stability issues were discussed at the meeting.

Minister Mirzoyan presented to his colleague the latest developments in the normalization of relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the efforts of the Armenian side to establish peace and stability in the region, and the escalation of tension by Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh in recent days. The Armenian FM emphasized that Azerbaijan continues to keep blocked the Lachin Corridor, grossly violating the obligations assumed by the trilateral declaration of November 9, 2020.

Referring to Armenia's traditional friendly relations with the countries of the Arab world, Minister Mirzoyan considered the speculations of the religious factor and groundless attempts by Azerbaijan to give a religious tone to exclusively political and humanitarian issues and to mislead the international community as inadmissible.

Both sides emphasized the importance of maintaining the attention of the international community towards the region and the constructive involvement of interested actors.

Minister Mirzoyan also presented to his Egyptian counterpart the process of normalization of relations between Armenia and Turkey.

Armenian American Museum Elevate Gala Is Sold Out


Sahakian, Executive Director

American Museum and Cultural Center of California


[email protected]






Glendale, CA (March 9,
2023) – The Armenian American Museum and Cultural Center of California has announced
that the highly anticipated Elevate Gala on Sunday, March 19, 2023 is
officially sold out. The signature event of the year is anticipated to welcome
a capacity audience at the Fairmont Century Plaza in Los Angeles.


The Elevate Gala will
celebrate the completion of the first phase of construction featuring the
museum parking garage and building foundation and mark the next exciting
chapter for the Armenian American Museum as the landmark center is elevated to
the horizon as a destination for education, enrichment, and inspiration for
generations to come.


acclaimed and award-winning entertainer Kev Orkian will serve as the Master of
Ceremonies for the evening. Kev Orkian is a notable actor, musician, and
comedian who has earned a reputation as one of the United Kingdom’s finest


Pacific Western Bank Vice
President Relationship Manager and Armenian American Museum Board of Governors
Member Diana Timuryan is serving as the Elevate Gala Chair. The Elevate Gala
Committee includes Mayda Altounian, Alvard Barseghian, Angela Bedoyan, Ani
Bekarian, Araxie Boyamian, Garine Depoyan, Hilda Fidanian, Aida Gharakhani,
Marie Jeanne Harmandayan, Natalie Hariri, Christine Hovnanian, Tanya
Kalaydjian, Maro Kasparian, Dr. Alexia Kevonian, Erika Toriz-Kurkjian, Carmen
Libaridian, Margaret Mgrublian, Narine Mouradian, Aleen Orucakciel, Dzovig
Zetlian, and Elizabeth Zoryan.


Major Sponsors include Donnell
& Rima Cameron, Armen & Gloria Hampar Family Foundation, Avadis &
Nancy Tevanian, Jack & Zarig Youredjian, Ayvazian Family Foundation, The
GASKA Alliance Foundation, Anonymous, Dr. Vicken & Sossy Aharonian, Ron
& Kourtni Arakelian, Bank of America, Gregory & Gina Felikian, Steve
& Sandi Hampar, Nabil & Hanan Karabetian, Berdj & Mary Karapetian, Matthew
& Audrey Matoesian, William McMorrow, Nora Tertzag Hampar Charitable Trust
Ara & Nina Ohanian, Sarkis & Nune Sepetjian, and Isaac & Frieda


The Armenian American
Museum is a world-class educational and cultural institution that is currently
under construction on the museum campus at Glendale Central Park. The museum
will offer a wide range of public programming through the Permanent Exhibition,
Temporary Exhibitions, Auditorium, Learning Center, Demonstration Kitchen,
Archives Center, and more.


For more information on how
to contribute to the Armenian American Museum and the Elevate Gala, contact
Major Gifts Director Mary Khayat at (818) 644-2073.


Learn more about the Elevate
Gala at




Arsine Sina Torosyan
Communications Director
Armenian American Museum and Cultural Center of California
116 North Artsakh Avenue, Suite 205, Glendale, CA 91206
Office: (818) 351-3554, Ext. 706
Direct: (818) 644-2215
Confidentiality Notice: This communication and any documents, files, or previous e-mail messages attached to it constitute an electronic communication within the scope of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 ISCA 2510. This communication may contain non-public, confidential, or legally privileged information intended for the sole use of the designated recipient(s). The unlawful interception, use, or disclosure of such information is strictly prohibited under 18 USCA 2511 and any applicable laws.

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Asbarez: Ararat Home Completes Purchase of Senior Living Community in Glendale

Ararat Home of Los Angeles' new "Ararat Gardens and Post Acute" senior care community in Glendale

MISSION HILLS—Ararat Home of Los Angeles announced the successful purchase of a senior living community in Glendale, CA.

Ararat Home took ownership of the senior living community previously known as “Windsor” on March 1 and began operations as the new “Ararat Gardens and Post Acute.” The senior living community occupies almost a full city block near Glendale’s Adams Square. It is a life plan community, offering 90 independent living units, 50 assisted living units, and 28 skilled nursing beds.

Ararat Home Chief Operating Officer Derik Ghookasian explained that the leadership of HumanGood, the previous owner of the community, approached the Home over a year ago with an offer to sell it. “HumanGood has an excellent industry reputation and had operated Windsor as a highly rated life plan community,” said Ghookasian. “We are very proud that they recognized Ararat Home’s commitment to excellence and entrusted us to continue delivering quality care and services at what is now Ararat Gardens and Post Acute.”

The community’s new Executive Director Varsenik Keshishyan said, “We are thrilled to offer the ‘Ararat Home Experience’ in Glendale and honored to serve as a resource for our larger Armenian community here. Ararat Gardens will continue engaging residents to thrive and live rich, rewarding lives. And, Ararat Post Acute will continue delivering quality rehabilitative and post-acute care on a short-term basis for residents in the Glendale and surrounding areas,” she added.

“This acquisition is a significant milestone for Ararat Home’s growth in service of the Armenian community,” said Sinan Sinanian, Chair of the Home’s Board of Trustees. “Ararat Home was founded in 1949 to serve the community, and in turn, the community has blessed the Home with its support for over 70 years. I thank all those involved at HumanGood for a smooth acquisition process over the past few months and all those involved at Ararat Home for their dedication to our mission, particularly COO Ghookasian, Board Treasurer Michael Surmeian, and George Phillips, Jr. of Phillips Law Partners. Most especially, we are grateful for our community’s past and continued support, without which sustaining and growing our mission of care would not be possible.”

Ararat Gardens and Post Acute is located at 1230 E. Windsor Road, Glendale, CA 91205. For more information, visit the Ararat Home website.

Ararat Home is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-denominational organization that operates life plan communities providing independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing care in tranquil, uniquely Armenian, home-like environments on three campuses in Mission Hills, Glendale and Eagle Rock.

ARF must lead the fight for workers’ rights in Armenia

Thirty years after the formation of the second Republic of Armenia, our country continues to face a litany of domestic economic problems. The labor sphere is in shambles. The national poverty rate is not seeing dramatic changes. Workers have little to no practical rights. Illegal and unethical child labor is rampant, and the inflation rate far outpaces any salary increases. Meanwhile, the Civil Contract government has blocked the opposition’s bill to increase the minimum wage by 50 percent.

The solution to this issue is simple: the trade union (labor union) networks of Armenia must be restructured and re-invigorated. Unfortunately, decades of overbearing Communist Party dominance in the labor sphere and marginalization of unions during the Soviet era have left contemporary Armenian trade unions weak and ineffective. They function more as advising intermediaries between the workers and the bosses, taking the side of the capitalists rather than fighting for the rights of those they represent.

What the trade unions of Armenia need is a leader – a force to organize them, revitalize them, politicize them within the context of leftist thought and defend them in case of retaliatory legal action by the bourgeois class. There is only one entity in Armenia that has the organizational know-how, the funds for legal defense and the necessary leftist philosophy to accomplish this: the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF).

This is not a role that is unfamiliar to the 132-year-old ARF. During the socialist movement of the first decade of the 20th century, the ARF organized countless strikes and created innumerable trade unions. During the era of the First Republic of Armenia, the ARF-dominated parliament often sided with the trade unions against the greedy corporatists: “in October [1920], Parliament defended the [railway] union’s position and quickly voted an extraordinary appropriation for salary increments” (Richard Hovanissian’s The Republic of Armenia).

And for those individuals for whom the solution to domestic exploitation is not a compelling issue, this is also a nationalist imperative. One can only imagine how much easier the ongoing process to remove the traitorous Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan would be if the ARF and other opposition forces were able to call a general strike. Without major influence in trade unions, such an action is not possible. Furthermore, the opposition also would have already solved or could credibly promise to solve the myriad of socio-economic issues that prevent many Armenians from thinking through a nationalist lens.

Since this appears to be an important task from both the national and social ideological standpoints, what steps must be taken toward this end?

The ARF, either by itself or in conjunction with other labor organizations, must organize the local labor unions.

The ARF’s structure naturally lends itself to this task, as its city committees (Kaghakayin Gomideh) would be able to act as local organizing liaisons. With each committee comes a host of members who have years of experience in internal democracy and organizational leadership, both at the level of the committee (gomideh) and the group (khoump). When strike action is necessary, a local body of individuals may be called upon to join the striking workers and prevent the crossing of the picket line.

Meanwhile, the provincial committees (Marzayin Gomideh) can be called upon to help organize workers by their industry, which can facilitate industry-wide strikes and widespread collective bargaining. For national-scale issues – general strikes, political action, etc. – the ARF Supreme Body of Armenia (Kerakouyn Marmin) would be the main point of contact.

The formation of a trade union organization

The organization could be fully incorporated into the structure of the ARF or function as a separate organization. The first structure was implemented in this context in 1905, with the ARF Tailors’ Union in Baku and other similar trade unions formed during that time; the second structure can be seen in organizations like the Armenian Relief Society, which have their own conventions and internal structure. The main difference is that in the first case, the ARF would direct local unions with its local structures, while in the second, it would be higher bodies (like the Supreme Body or ARF Bureau) that would direct the labor organization.

Insignia of the ARF Tailors’ Union Bureau of Baku (Source: Hratch Dasnabedian’s History of the ARF)

The best structure, however, would be that which is utilized by the ARF’s youth wings: a separate organization with local guidance and help from the ARF and nationally subordinate to the largest ARF body. Thus, the local union would be advised and aided by the city gomideh but directed by the regional branch of the ARF national Trade Union. The regional branch would be guided by the provincial ARF gomideh and directed by the national Executive Body of the trade union. The national Executive Body would be responsible to its members but also directed and aided by an ARF body (either the Supreme Body of Armenia or Bureau).

One great victory for the workers of Armenia

To revitalize the trade unions of Armenia, what is necessary is one victory for the labor movement. For instance, this might take the form of legal defense after bourgeois reprisal following strike action. This will assuage the fears of lack of legal protection that have, to this day, strangled the voice of Armenian workers, who are too fearful to engage in strikes, not because they are cowardly, but because they know that both the state and the union currently protect the interests of the bosses, not the workers. This great success will show the working class that they are protected, that they have a knight in shining armor whose name is the Tashnagtsutiun, equipped with its glorious shield of labor and its deadly sword of class and national struggle.

Of course, in the early days, it will be mostly Tashnagtsagan workers who are involved as leaders and members of the ARF-organized trade unions. However, this is not a disadvantage; on the contrary, it will allow those with genuine socialist and national ideology to flourish as organizers, preventing anti-national liberals (Nikolagans), bourgeois apologists (supporters of capitalism), and cosmopolite class reductionists (Marxist-Leninists) from reaching great heights within these labor organizations.

Though the benefits of a strong labor sphere may not manifest themselves immediately, in time, with proper leadership from the oldest Armenian democratic socialist party, the trade unions and workers will be victorious in the eternal struggle against capitalism. A “free Armenia” requires economic freedom and liberation for the Armenian working class – a process that begins with strengthening the economic power of the Armenian worker. The substitution of the Turkish yataghanwielding feudal lord with a tricolored exploiter in Yerevan should not be mistaken for the true liberation of the Armenian people. Until a democratic and socialist Armenian republic is organized, we shall yet remain unfree.

Aram Brunson is a sophomore at the University of Chicago from Newton, MA. He is a proud member of the AYF-YOARF Greater Boston “Nejdeh” Chapter and serves on the AYF’s Central Hai Tahd Council. In addition, he dances with the Hamazkayin “Sardarabad” Dance Ensemble and is a member of the Armenian National Committees of Eastern Massachusetts and Illinois.

Azerbaijani Military Shelled Car Of Nagorno-Karabakh Law Enforcement Officers – Moscow

March 6 2023

The Azerbaijani military shelled a car with law enforcement officers of Nagorno-Karabakh on March 5, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Monday

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – 06th March, 2023) The Azerbaijani military shelled a car with law enforcement officers of Nagorno-Karabakh on March 5, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Monday.

"A car with law enforcement officers of Nagorno-Karabakh was shelled by servicemen of the Azerbaijani armed forces near the settlement of Dukanlar," the statement said.

As a result of the incident three people from Nagorno-Karabakh were killed and one person was injured, and from the Azerbaijani side � two were killed and one was wounded. Russian peacekeepers have put an end to the clash in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone, the ministry added.

Actions of Azerbaijani side clearly indicate the unwillingness to implement their obligations to unblock Lachin Corridor



 18:33, 3 March 2023

YEREVAN, MARCH 2, ARMENPRESS. On 2 March and on the night of 2 to 3 March, units of the Azerbaijani armed forces stationed in the occupied territories of the Askeran, Martakert and Martuni regions of the Republic of Artsakh violated the ceasefire established by the Trilateral Statement of 9 November 2020, ARMENPRESS was informed from MFA Artsakh.

"We strongly condemn the provocations of the Azerbaijani side, committed immediately after another meeting between representatives of the Republic of Artsakh and the Republic of Azerbaijan through the mediation of the Commander of the Russian Peacekeeping Contingent in Artsakh.

Against the backdrop of the discussion by the parties of humanitarian and infrastructural issues in the context of the need to immediately lift the illegal blockade of Artsakh, the actions of the Azerbaijani side clearly indicate the unwillingness to unconditionally implement their obligations to unblock the Lachin Corridor, including in accordance with the Order of the International Court of Justice.
In this regard, we consider it necessary for the international community to continue the implementation of specific measures to put pressure on Azerbaijan in order to curb its destructive actions and intentions aimed at resolving issues by force", reads the statement of the Foreign Ministry of Artsakh

Armenia Real Estate Industry To Grow At CAGR of 4.3% And Reach $1249.3 Million by 2026 [ 76 Pages Report]

Feb 20 2023

PORTLAND, UNITED STATES, UNITED STATES, February 20, 2023 / — The real estate market of Armenia has been showing strong growth in recent years and has become a great opportunity for investors looking to capitalize on a rapidly growing market. Armenia is a prime location for real estate investment, with its unique geography, growing economy, and low taxes. As a result, the country has become an attractive destination for foreign investors.

the Armenia real estate market size was valued at $880.4 million in 2018, and is projected to reach $1,249.3 million by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 4.3%. The sales segment accounted for more than half of Armenia real estate market share in 2018 and is expected to witness a CAGR of 4.0% during the forecast period.

Download Free Sample PDF Now With Updated & Valuable Insights (76 Pages)

Real estate means land as well as any physical structure affixed to the land such as houses, buildings, and landscaping. Rise in economy of Armenia and increased focus of the government to diversify the economy help boost the growth of the real estate market in Armenia. Further, availability of affordable interest rates on mortgage loans is helping families in the country to afford houses. However, high poverty and unemployment restrict Armenia real estate market growth.

Armenia has a small, but rapidly growing economy that is driven by a large number of industries, including agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, and services. The country has seen an increase in foreign direct investment (FDI) in recent years and is now ranked in the top 10 countries in terms of FDI inflow. This growth in FDI has been supported by the government’s efforts to create a business-friendly environment, as well as the liberalization of the economy.

The real estate market in Armenia has grown significantly over the last few years, with the average price per square meter increasing by over 30% between 2017 and 2019. This growth has been largely driven by the influx of foreign investors, who are attracted by the relatively low taxes and cost of living in the country. Furthermore, the increasing demand and availability of high-quality housing has resulted in a surge in prices in the capital city of Yerevan.

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The government of Armenia has taken steps to support the growth of the real estate market, including the introduction of a new mortgage system, which has made it easier for individuals to purchase property. Additionally, the government has implemented tax incentives for investors, which has further led to an increase in real estate investment.
By property type, the land segment is expected to account for the largest share in Armenia real estate industry during the forecast period, due to high volume of land related transactions and its higher value. The land segment is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.7% during the forecast period.

Depending on business type, sales is expected to hold a maximum market share and the rental segment is expected to grow at a higher CAGR of 4.9% during the forecast period.

The major players in the market includes AdaTech LLC, “Akcern” Real Estate Corporation, BARS Real Estate Company, “CHARAGAYT” Construction Company, Comfy LLC, Elite Group, MLL Industries, LLC, Renshin LLC, Roxwell LLC, and Step Investment Group.

Download Free Sample PDF Now With Updated & Valuable Insights (76 Pages)

Overall, the real estate market in Armenia is an attractive opportunity for foreign investors looking to capitalize on a rapidly growing market. The country has a number of advantages that make it an attractive destination, including its unique geography, strong economy, and low taxes. The government has implemented a number of policies that have helped to stimulate the growth of the real estate market, making it a great opportunity for investors looking to make an informed investment decision.

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