Azeri Siege To Armenia To Continue Until Yerevan Gives Back Occupied


Interfax, Russia
Feb 17 2014

BAKU. Feb 17

The economic siege on Armenia laid by Azerbaijan will not be lifted
until Armenia gives back the occupied Azeri lands, Azeri presidential
administration member Elnur Aslanov said.

“Baku will continue the economic blockade of Yerevan until Armenia,
which currently makes territorial claims on Azerbaijan, Georgia and
Turkey and has occupied Azeri lands, abandons its aggressive plans
and launches a constructive policy towards its neighbors,” the head
of the Azeri presidential administration’s political analysis and
information support department said.

“Armenia, which has occupied 20% of the Azeri territory, is now making
territorial claims on Turkey’s Anatolia and Georgia’s Javakheti,” he
said on Monday at a conference entitled “Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey:
the Trilateral Union and the Future of Regional Politics”, organized
by the Azeri president’s Center for Strategic Studies.

“We have never concealed that the severe politico-economic situation
in Armenia is a result of the non-constructive policy of the
administration of that country,” Aslanov said.

He noted that Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey supported each other’s
territorial integrity and sovereignty.

“We would very much like the Armenian administration to join our
regional and global projects. The time will come and we will hold
similar events, conferences, with the participation of Armenian leaders
in the presently occupied Khojaly, Shusha and Hankendi. This day will
come. We are working on it,” Aslanov stressed.

“It is a pity that a number of western international organizations are
seeking to open the Armenian-Turkish border. We once again express
our gratitude to the Turkish side, the official representatives of
which have said many times that Ankara will not open the border with
Armenia until the Karabakh conflict is resolved consistent with Azeri
territorial integrity principles and the occupied Azeri lands are
free,” Aslanov concluded.

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From: A. Papazian

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