Pro-Armenian lawmaker to replace "friend of Turkey" in US Ccongress

Pro- Armenian lawmaker to replace "friend of Turkey" in U.S. Ccongress

04 December 2009 [09:45]

A member of the Congressional caucus on Armenian issues, known as
close friend of Armenian Diaspora Bill Delahunt is going to replace
Congressman Robert Wexler at the position of Chairman of the
Subcommittee on Europe, R.Wexler’s office said.

Congressman Robert Wexler is currently serving as a Chairman of the
Subcommittee on Europe and a senior member of the House Foreign
Affairs Committee and the Co-Chairman of the Congressional Turkey
Caucus, also member of House Caucus on Azerbaijan.

Wexler’s office said that Congressman is leaving the Congress and is
accepting a position as President of the Center for Middle East Peace.

Members of Azerbaijani Diaspora express their disappointment about the

`This appointment is against Azerbaijan, Turkey and it will be clear
quite soon," American Azerbaijani Ismail Hamidov said.

He pointed out that Mr. Wexler always preventing Armenians
provocations against Turkey and Azerbaijan in the Congress.

Azerbaijani Diaspora representatives stated that the new Chairman Bill
Delahunt has consistently supported Armenian issues, having
co-sponsored the "Armenian Genocide Resolution".

Mr. Wexler is known in Congress as active public person who is also on
the list of the best 50 Congress members.