Police Chief Sargsyan Tries to Convince the Public of the Improbable

Police Chief Alik Sargsyan Tries to Convince the Public of the Improbable

[ 2010/05/17 | 15:20 ]
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Edik Baghdasaryan

24 year-old Vahan Khalafyan was killed in the Charentsavan police
station. it possible that the public wouldn’t have known about it?
Yes, definetely. Is it possible that RA Police Chief Alik Sargsyan was
in cahoots when it cam to feeding the public false information
r5egarding the incident? Of course, because he continues to feed out
false information. He continues to claim that Vahan Khalafyan
committed suicide.

The powers that be could bring Police Chief Sargsyan up on criminal
charges for his abuse of power. During an interview with one of the
local paper, Chief Sargsyan said, `I will punish those of my staff
that gave me the wrong information, that put me in a tight spot. Those
who committed a crime and beat this young man, tortured him, they will
all be punished to the full extent of the law…Let those who I
misinformed forgive me.’ However, at the same time, Chief Sargsyan
made the following outlandish statement, `I still claim that it was a
suicide. He picked up the knife and stabbed himself.’

Who could possibly make such a matter-of-fact statement during the
pre-trial investigation of the case? It sounds like the man personally
participated in that `act of suicide.’ This is just the most recent in
a long list of times when the Police Chief has made his personal
opinions known even before the case investigation has been completed.

What’s going on? Should we really believe that this is the first case
of police torture that people within the department have heard about?
A few months ago, Sasha Davtyan, a resident of the village of
Katnaghbyur in Aragatzotn Marz, recounted how he was roughed up during
a police investigation. So cruel was the treatment meted out by the
police that the man was forced into signing some documents the police
had presented.

It was even sustained in court that the testimony was garnered through
the use of brutality. The same heavy-handed methods were employed to
extract testimony from the Davtyan’s daughters. Sasha Davtyan gave the
names of the cops and investigators that tortured him. Police Chief
Sargsyan knows the facts. Has he punished those responsible? Of course

Perhaps Chief Sargsyan believes that the wounds were self-inflicted.
What is this sickness that is plaguing we Armenians? To commit suicide
in front of the police with the knife they presented. About one month
ago, a Hetq reporter asked if it was true that Serob Der-Boghosyan,
the owner of the company `Metal Prince’ had in fact donated $15,000
for the renovation of the police station in Alaverdi. In response, the
Police Chief coyly suggested, in a word, that Der-Boghosyan was a
patriotic fellow.

If we take a cursory look at the statements made by Police Chief
Sargsyan, we clearly see that he has little grasp of the law,
otherwise he would not try and convince the public that 24 year-old
Vahan Khalafyan killed himself.


BAKU: United Europe requires withdrawal of Armenian troops

Azerbaijan Business Center
May 22 2010

United Europe requires withdrawal of Armenian troops from Azerbaijani
occupied part

Baku, Fineko/abc.az. United Europe, for the first time in its history,
required withdrawal of Armenian troops from Azerbaijani occupied

It has already affected growth of authority of the European Union (EU)
in the leading country of Southern Caucasus ` the Azerbaijani Foreign
Ministry welcomed the resolution on Southern Caucasus, adopted by the
European parliament on May 20.

The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry informed, the European Parliament’s
resolution, in which support of territorial integrity of Azerbaijan
was set forth and appeal to Armenia to refuse preservation of the
status quo, created by force and to withdraw the troops from all
occupied Azerbaijani territories, was worked out on the basis of a
report of Bulgarian MP Eugene Kirilov.

«It is the important resolution appraise fairly unresolved regional
conflicts as an obstacle for full realization of social and economic
development and eastern partnership in the countries of Southern
Caucasus and considers necessary peaceful resolving the conflicts for
achievement stability in the region,’ it was informed..

The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry appraise positively a clear and
single position of the European Parliament in regard to the
Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict and its hard consequences.

The ministry notes with satisfaction that by means of this resolution
EU confirms position of EU that "parliamentary elections", scheduled
for May, 23 in Nagorno Karabakh are unconstitutional and illegal, and
at the same time, protect the political rights of the Azerbaijan
forcibly displaced persons.

The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry believes that this clear and timely
resolution of the European Parliament will become a signal for
stopping by Armenia the policy of delaying settlement of the
Armenian-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. The ministry also
expresses hope that this document will make constructive the position
of Yerevan at negotiations.

The Foreign Ministry, in its turn, called on EU to play more active
role in establishment of stability in Southern Caucasus and its
turning into the stable and prospering region.

Foreign Minister Of Armenia Criticizes Resolution Passed On South Ca


2010-05-21 11:06:00

ArmInfo. The points which Europarliament’s resolution on the
South Caucasus regarding Karabakh contains, are inconsonant with
either the Madrid principles or the statement by presidents of
OSCE MG co-chairing countries made in Aquila, as well as the Moscow
declaration, Foreign Minister of Armenia Edward Nalbandyan said when
commenting, at ArmInfo’s request, on the resolution passed by the
Europarliament on May 20.

To note, Europarliament passed a resolution on May 20 based on
the report of Bulgarian parliamentarian Yevgeniy Kirillov "On the
necessity of developing EU strategy in the South Caucasus". It says,
in particular, that the "occupied" Azerbaijani regions around Nagorno
Karabakh must be cleared as soon as possible. It also says that an
intermediate status must be proposed till final determination of the
NKR status, and this may create frames for peaceful co-existence and
cooperation of Armenians and Azerbaijanis in the region.

According to E. Nalbandyan, there is an evident mess in the report
concerning formulations, one of the reasons of which is the fact that
the reporter has never been in Nagorno Karabakh and in the region. He
did not even have consultation with representative of France being EU
member and one of OSCE MG cochairmen, when preparing the report. "For
this reason, formulations of the report also conflict with EU stance
being multiply proclaimed. The European Union’s stance was clearly
expressed in the statement made in Athens in December 2009, and it
fully concurs with Armenia’s stance in this issue", E. Nalbandyan

In 2010 In Armenia "Microsoft" To Open The Only Innovation Center In


MAY 20, 2010

YEREVAN, MAY 20, ARMENPRESS: The Armenian office of "Microsoft"
during the four years of its establishment has carried out an active
work in Armenia. Director of "Microsoft" RA Grigor Barseghyan told
today at press conference in "Armenpress" press center that during
these years the office has greatly supported Armenia’s IT sphere,
established cooperation in educational system as well as promoted
the copyright protection.

"The office is company’s ambassador to Armenia. It presents Armenia’s
interests in the company and vice versa," Barseghyan pointed out.

According to him, today the Armenian office has 80 partners. "We
organize training classes for IT specialists. IT sphere is developing
very dynamically and the local companies must be aware of all the
novelties," he said.

Referring to the process of opening of "Microsoft" Innovation Center
in the Armenian State Architectural University, Barseghyan noted
that currently a tender of construction company is declared. He
said the center will be the only one in the region and each company
may establish cooperation with it. "The main idea of creation of
the Innovation Center is to make the high technology available for
Armenian specialists and companies. The goal is to create Armenian
products, Armenian services. It is very important for Armenia to have
its products which may be consumed abroad," Barseghyan said. According
to him, Armenia will have a functioning center which will be equipped
with up-to-date technology. It will be educational center where the
latest programs of "Microsoft" will be presented. The center will
also be used with scientific educational goals.

MGM Mirage (MGM) Looks To Expand To Armenia


Casino Gaming Stock
May 21 2010

International casino and hotel developer, MGM Mirage (MGM: 12.42
+5.52%) may be considering expanding its Asian market into Armenia
following a meeting with government officials.

Republic of Armenia officials recently meet with MGM’s Vice President
of Global Gaming Development, Ed Bowers, to discuss bringing their
Las Vegas and Macau style to the area.

Armenian Minister of Territorial Administration, Deputy Prime Minister
Armen Gevorgyan and Armenian Development Agency General Director
Robert Harutyunyan attended the meeting to discuss the "Masis, Sis
and new Armenia" tourism development program being implemented near
the Yeghvard reservoir.

The Armenian government is interested in development of the territory
with the help of private sector.

Bowers said that they were accessing the project and that the final
decision will be made in the near future.

MGM Mirage has also taken an interest in developing Resorts in Viet
Nam, India, Taiwan, Japan and the Philippines.

Last year, Lloyd Nathan, president of global gaming development for
MGM Mirage said "We have a desire to aggressively expand in Asia. It’s
the most exciting gaming market in the world".


Head Of Armenian Road Police Calls On School Leavers To Observe Traf


2010-05-20 12:29:00

ArmInfo. Head of the Road Police of Armenia’s Police Margar Ohanyan
has made a statement calling on school leavers to observe the traffic
rules on the Day of Farewell Bell on May 21. "The statistics of the
latest years shows that severe road traffic accidents happen on the
Day of Farewell Bell with participation of schoolchildren. By M.

Ohanyan’s order, the Road Police of Armenia switched over a stiffened
service", the statement says.

According to Ohanyan, the Road Police employees do their best for
the festive events to be held without incidents. "The Road Police
also calls on parents not to allow the schoolchildren to drive cars
in order to avoid tragic consequences", the document says.

Nadia Pasqual: Azerbaijan Responded Aggressively To Release Of Itali


May 18, 2010 – 19:34 AMT 14:34 GMT

350-page guide book features articles on RA and NKR nature, history,
culture and religion. The edition is complete with maps of Armenia,
Karabakh and Yerevan, accompanied by tourist sight photos.

As guidebook author Nadia Pasqual stated at the presentation, "Azeri
Ambassador to Italy took aggressive stance on guidebook release. I
asked him to address me edition -related questions should he have any,
yet was given no response so far."

Presentation was attended by executive director of RA National
Competitiveness Foundation Bekor Papazyan, head of RA Economy
Ministry Tourism Department Mekhak Apresyan and NKR Government’s
Tourism Department head Sergey Shakhverdyan.

Affordable Apartment For Young Families Program To Be Updated



20 families have been provided with housing via "Affordable apartment
for young families" program, Armenia’s Deputy Minister of Sport and
Youth Affairs Arsen Karamyan told reporters Monday. Currently banks
are considering applications by 60 more families.

According to A. Karamyan, the program should be seen as a pilot one
since the updated and edited version of the program will be presented
to the public in a month.

"The updated version will define 25 % of mortgage prepayment instead
of the previous 30%, 10-year payment term will be substituted for 15.

The social construction program is scheduled to kick off in August;
it’s to include regions as well, Tavoush and Syunik at the initial
stage," he said.

300 Apartments To Young Scholars



The construction of the building in the frames of the "Affordable
apartment for young scholars" project is due to get underway in
August-September, Armenia’s Deputy Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs
Arsen Karamyan told reporters Monday. The construction works of the
building with 300 apartments will be over in 27 months.

According to A. Karamyan, the mortgage can be paid off in 25 years,
while the project defines 20 % of mortgage prepayment. The young
scholars having served in the army will not have to make the 20%

Thus, young scholar’s family can get a repaired apartment for 63
thousand AMD per month.

"1 sq. metre will cost 180 thousand AMD. This is 2,1 times as
affordable as the market price, taking into consideration that market
offers a used housing," he said.

The coordinator of the council of young scholars Atom Mkhitaryan said
they have received 100 applications already.

"The project is also open to the young culture figures and members
of the Writers’ Union," Karamyan said.

Turkey Linked Protocols to Karabakh to Gain Favorable Gas Price

Turkey Linked Ratification of Protocols to Progress in Karabakh to
Gain Favorable Gas Price Offer from Azerbaijan

11:43 – 15.05.10

"On May 16 Turkey and Azerbaijan will sign the much negotiated natural
gas deal. It sells Azeri natural gas to Turkey at a favorable and
discounted price. One political observer from Azerbaijan says Turkey
linked the protocols to normalize relations with Armenia to progress
in Nagorno Karabakh to make the gas deal easier," reads an article by
Armenian national Armen Hareyan in HULIQ.com.

According to the author the "gas price dispute between Turkey and
Azerbaijan took nearly two years. The protocol negotiations with
Armenia took about the same period of time. They were announced one
year ago and signed on October 10 in 2009. Assuming it took some
silent diplomacy before they were announced a year ago, it roughly
equals the same time Turkish-Azeri gas dispute was going on."

Further Hareyan writes that Turkey and Azerbaijan are now "very close
to conclude their deal" as on Mary 16 the prime minister of Turkey Mr.
Recep Tayyip Erdogan will be in the capital of Azerbaijan Baku to
conclude the two years old gas dispute and sign the deal.

"This was a dispute that to a serious degree strained the relations of
Turkey and Azerbaijan, two close allies. Yet, Turkey kept dragging the
protocols to normalize relations with Armenia and artificially linking
it to progress on Nagorno Karabakh," writes the author.

Hareyan further mentiones that Turkey will now pay $250 per 1,000
cubic meters to Azerbaijan. Baku had earlier sought 300 dollars per
1,000 cubic meters of natural gas.

"Turkey paid the price burying the protocols with Armenia and made it
easier to get a favorable natural gas deal from Azerbaijan. What will
Azerbaijan offer in return after the deal is signed? Will Azerbaijan
offer a political dividend to Turkey by taking a more realistic and
constructive position on Nagorno Karabakh, remains to be seen in the
upcoming months," writes Hareyan.