Human Rights Violation Became A Tradition"


December 10, 2009

"Violation of human rights has become a tradition in our society,"
Leader of the People’s Party of Armenia (HZhK) Stepan Demirtchyan
told A1+ today.

"It is not a secret that human rights have always been and are still
violated in Armenia Violation starts from election tampering. Rigged
elections are a grave crime common in our country. Unable to get
accustomed to the given situation, our society continues the struggle
for lawfulness and justice. I don’t doubt that the struggle will
finally be crowned with victory," said Stepan Demirtchyan.

The Chairman of the Pan-Armenian National Movement (HHSh), Ararat
Zurabyan, wishes to see Armenia as a democratic and independent state.

"The steps we are taking today will triumph one day and will lead to
the formation of values we have longed for," said Mr. Zurabyan.