BAKU: Armenia’s present leadership lacks political will: analyst

Armenia’s present leadership lacks political will: analyst

10 December 2009 [17:33] – Today.Az

`It is obvious that the Amenian leadership has no unity of command,’
expert at Azerbaijan’s Lider TV channel Tofiq Abbasov said.

`The position on key issues and approaches put forward by the
president, foreign minister and speaker of Armenian parliament have
differed on many occasions. This suggests that the Armenian political
elite today is experiencing a crisis, if not a critical stage, and
shows debility to the community of those countries that are closely
engaged in resolving the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, not to mention
Azerbaijan,’ he said.

`Armenia’s present leadership lacks political will to express
unequivocal position. On one hand, they want rapprochement with
Turkey, to make compromise on Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and on the
other hand they are afraid that this could have a tragic impact on
their political destiny,’ Abbasov said.

`Armenia has delayed the negotiations under various pretexts so far.
It turns out that in Armenia no one wants to undertake initiative at a
time when turning point is nearing and finally it is high to develop
a plan to resolve the crisis with Azerbaijan. It is known that the
situation is compounded by acute clan struggle within the "
long-suffering " republic. Karabakh Armenians have failed to find
common ground with the brothers in Yerevan.’

`This is beneficial for the diaspora not to lose its influence in the
light of emerging new trends in the region,’ the expert said.

"So, it is possible that there will be even no one to talk to in the
final stage of peaceful resolution of the Karabakh problem. Who is
chief of the Armenian team? Who makes decisions and who fully
controls the situation? I believe even people fully knowledgeable of
internal intrigues in Armenia can provide no clear answer to these
questions,’ he said.

`The current situation in Armenia is that there is conflict between
the president and the speaker of the parliament. In the meanwhile,
foreign minister demonstrates loose position, voicing conflicting
assessments on the Armenian-Turkish protocols,’ the expert added.

"All this suggests that the most unexpected scenarios can be realized
in Yerevan. There are little hopes that these scenarios will bring
something positive for the regional scenario,’ Abbasov added.

N. Abdullayeva