NKR: The Immediate Tasks Of A Building


Azat Artsakh Tert
Aug 17 2007
Nagorno Karabakh Rep.

As we have already informed, on August 12th , the day of a Builder was
marked solemnly in the republic. During the solemn arrangement it was
marked that the workers of the sphere met their professional holiday
with progressive rates. So during last 7 months of the year assembley
works on 5 milliard 117.9 million drams have been realized, about 1
milliard 294 million drams more than in the same time of the previous
year. Last months of the year the buildings of NKR National Assembley,
new building built in Tumanian street and a new bas station were put
into operation.In above-mentioned period the inhabitants of unsafe
buildings, as a compensation, were given 324.2 million drams from
the budget. According to the regions- the works of school building
of Askeran town (93 million drams foreseen for 2007), restoration of
Khramort school (30 million drams), Haterk and Maghavouz schools in
Martakert region, gasification of Togh and Mets Tagher villages in
Hadrut region, building and laying with asphalt Karmir Shuka – Chartar
main road, building of Kuratagh and Drakhtik schools, gasification of
Shushi, water supply of Nor Manashid, Havsatagh, Kharkhaput villages
in New Shahumian region are in the process. Dwelling problems of
the families of killed and wounded azatamartiks are paid special
attention. This program in 2008 and coming 1-2 years will be one of
the main tasks of realized building processes in the republic.