NKR: Let’s Listen To The Radio Listeners

by Sofia Babaian

Azat Artsakh Tert
Aug 18 2007
Nagorno Karabakh Rep.

In one of the previous numbers of the newspaper "Azat Artsakh" the
elucidated article "Let’s try to favour the improvement of new "
had its response. Some people have expressed position about radio,
radio broadcasts, radio announcers. For finding out how the people
in reality have to do with our young waves, we met with some people,
who represented their opinions in the following way: Ashkhen Asrian
(operator) – On these hot summer days I listen to the radio often,
especially when I am on holiday. I prefer russian radiowaves more,
because I like either the music or the announcers. But our radiowaves
are not so bad, especially "Pace". I want the announcers be clever and
understand music. I think the talk of the announcer must be laconic
and understandable. I am bored with the advertisements. Liana Sargsian
(the specialist of foreign language) – I like to listen to the radio
much. I prefer "New Wave", but my husband – "Pace", It concerns with
the circumstance that the "Pace" cheerful armenian songs sounded,
and the other wave – more romantic. Sergey Asrian (economist) –
Returning home after the work I switch on the radio. I can’t say
what wave I prefer, merely I like to listen good music: rock, rep,
pop, classic. I’d like our announcers to copy from the russian
announcers. Evgenia Sargsian (lecturer) – I must confess, that I
don’t listen to the radio often. I don’t like the announcers.

only I like the announcer of "New Wave" – Nanar . And what about
the music, I can’t speak about it badly. It’s chosen by the radio
listeners. Seyran Ilyazian (the serviceman of NKR Defence Army) – I
like "Pace" radiowave, as armenian songs find big palces there. What
about the announcers they bored much. Svetlana Mkrtchian (nurse) – I
always listen to the radio, I like "Pace" very much. I have only one
protest, that the announcers don’t let the anonymous radiolisteners
broadcast, and if it is possible to broadcast classical music. Arzik
Mkhitarian(professor of Artsakh State University) – I welcome any
innovation in our reality, especially if they favour the development
of our youth. The announcer who speaks armenian is in respect for us.

Mass-media and also radiwaves must be purposeful. Time after time it is
necessary to present people with classical music, of course not only
armenian, but – world. Concluding with a word of an intellectual,
we say, that the responses are too much, and it’s impossible to
present wholly. All sent their best wishes to our radiowaves. Joining
them, we’ll add only that all is done not for criticism, but to
express energy and healthy competition. We leave the comments to
the readers….