Discussions on the issue of depriving opposition MPs of their parliamentary mandate continue in the Armenian parliament- Speaker

Armenia –
Alexandr Avanesov

ArmInfo. The discussions on the issue of depriving the opposition MPs of their parliamentary mandate continue in the Armenian parliament. On June 30, NA President Alen Simonyan told journalists.

He welcomed the decision of head of the "I have honor" parliamentary  faction Artur Vanetsyan to step down as a MP. "He said that he would  not return to parliament and resigned," Simonyan noted, pointing to  MP from the opposition "Armenia" faction Ishkhan Saghatelyan. "He  should not give interviews with statements that they will come to the  National Assembly with their agenda, he just has to admit defeat and  resign," the Speaker said, adding that by doing so, Saghatelyan would  confirm that the political process , started by him, is not a  struggle for positions.

In fact, according to Alen Simonyan, this is a struggle for  positions, since it is about maintaining the immunity status and  receiving a salary.

It should be noted that the parliamentary opposition has been  boycotting the work of the parliament for several months, holding  rallies, demonstrations and marches. Over the past few weeks, the  opposition has not carried out active actions, announcing a  regrouping of forces, and, at the same time, refusing to return to  parliament.