Artsakh President assures: Alternative route to Lachin corridor will be much safer

Armenia –
Marianna Mkrtchyan

ArmInfo. The route alternative to the Lachin corridor will be much safer, President of the Republic of Artsakh (NKR) Arayik Harutyunyan assures.

During a question-and-answer session in the NKR parliament,  Harutyunyan stressed that Stepanakert also participated in the  discussions on choosing a new route. The choice was made taking into  account some security issues that the President of Artsakh chose not  to raise.

"As for the new route connecting Artsakh with Armenia, we received  several proposals from both Azerbaijan and Russia. All proposals were  rejected. The current route, or rather the proposed one, was  discussed several times in the Security Council, with the  participation of all political forces present in parliament. We have  chosen what we think is the best option. There are secrets that I  don't want to reveal here. Why did we choose this option? Based on  our considerations for future security.

After the road is ready, we will have the opportunity to express our  opinion on whether the quality of the road meets the standards that  we need and whether it will be safe. I think it will be much safer  given the many security issues." Harutyunyan assured, promising to  reveal details related to security behind closed doors.

Answering the MP's question about deramenization of these  territories, Harutyunyan noted that the issue of the deportation of  Armenians from Aghavno was not discussed. "Paragraph 6 of the  statement dated November 9, 2020, states that we have to leave the  city of Berdzor. As for Aghavno, the government of the Republic of  Artsakh continues negotiations," the President of Artsakh said.

At the same time, he noted that no one told the residents of Berdzor  to leave their homes. However, according to him, the residents of  Berdzor and Sus received appropriate compensation within the  framework of social programs.

"Despite everything, we must leave Berdzor. I consider it unlikely  that our compatriots will be able to live in Berdzor in the future.  But we will continue our struggle in Aghavno," the NKR President  said, adding that the issue of the bypass road was discussed many  times with various circles , and never left the agenda.  It should be  noted that at present Azerbaijan is actively building an alternative  road that will connect Artsakh with Armenia, bypassing Berdzor and  Aghavno. During an online press conference on June 27, Prime Minister  Nikol Pashinyan noted that the tripartite statement of November 9,  2020 provides for a change in the route of the Lachin corridor with  the consent of the parties. According to him, in case of a change in  the route, the territories that are not included in the borders of  the former NKAO will come under the control of Azerbaijan. The prime  minister stated that the Armenian government would resolve the issue  of providing housing for the residents of the city of Berdzor, and  the authorities of Artsakh would resolve a similar issue for the  residents of the village of Aghavno.