Yerevan rules out external control over its communications, which to be unblocked – Security Council Secretary

Armenia –
Alexandr Avanesov

ArmInfo.Yerevan excludes any outside control over its transport and economic communications, which to be unblocked. On June 30, Secretary of the Security Council of  Armenia Armen Grigoryan stated this to journalists.

He once again ruled out the very possibility of considering the issue  in the context of "corridor logic".  "Rapprochement of positions on  the issue of unblocking the transport and economic communications of  the region does not mean doing it with this very "corridor logic".  This was stated both at the end of the Moscow summit and in Brussels,  as evidenced by the statement of the press secretary of the President  of the European Council, Charles Michel, who stated that the issue of  any corridor was not discussed in the negotiation process>, said the  Security Council Secretary.  

In general, four main competences of issues remain at the focus of  negotiations with Russian and European partners, as well as with  Azerbaijan: humanitarian issues that include the return of prisoners  of war, the deblockade of the region, the delimitation and  demarcation of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, and the Karabakh  settlement. Grigoryan said that on June 27-28, a meeting was  scheduled with the adviser to the President of Azerbaijan, Hikmet  Hajiyev, but at the initiative of the Azerbaijani side, it was  postponed, and Azerbaijan did not provide clear reasons.  "Nevertheless, we have information that this meeting will take place  in the near future," Grigoryan said.

The Azerbaijani side canceled the meeting of the Secretary of the  Security Council of Armenia Armen Grigoryan with adviser to the  President of Azerbaijan Hikmet Hajiyev, scheduled for June 27 in  Brussels.