Armenian government plans to restore former course of Araks River

Armenia –
Naira Badalian

ArmInfo.The Armenian government plans to restore the former course of the Araks River in order to avoid further collapses. The corresponding decision was made at a  Cabinet meeting on June 30.

According to the explanation to the document, it is necessary to  restore the former course of the Araks River in the corresponding  section of the border with Turkey, approximately 6.5 km long, and  eliminate one of the tributaries.

It is also proposed to build a dam at the corresponding boundary  marker on the current channel of the Araks, in order to direct the  waters to the former channel and restore the earthen embankment 130 m  long and 8 m deep.

22.38 million drams will be allocated for this as part of the  redistribution of the saved funds of the state budget for the measure  "Works to strengthen and clean sections of rivers and storm drains"  of the "Irrigation system improvement" program.