MP Edmon Marukyan urges former authorities to withdraw from electoral processes

Panorama,  Armenia

Opposition lawmaker Edmon Marukyan, the leader of the Bright Armenia Party, reiterated his call for Armenia’s former authorities to withdraw from the election race to pave the way for a change of government in the country.

“Nothing has changed. I reiterate that if the former authorities want a change of government in the country, they must withdraw from the electoral processes,” the MP told a parliamentary briefing on Monday.

In Marukyan’s words, as a matter of fact, all political forces planning to participate in the snap parliamentary elections announce that they are going to win the elections.

“No force says during the campaign that it is vying for 6th place, have you seen such a force? In this regard, I would like to say that the content offered to the people is very important. We must realize that in 2018 the people rejected not just one person, Serzh Sargsyan, but stood up against an entire system. That is, there can be no return to the past, an alternative is needed,” he said.

Marukyan said the statements made by his party are very clear.

“In its 30 years of independence, this country has been ruled by the former authorities for 27 years, while Nikol Pashinyan has ruled it for 3 years. Now, over these 3 years, Nikol Pashinyan has proved that he cannot govern the country and conduct an effective personnel policy, therefore, an alternative is necessary,” he said.

Separately, Marukyan referred to the media, stating many of them do not invite him to an interview, while journalists noted that he habitually turns down such proposals.

“I usually accept them, rather than reject,” he said. 

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