Armenian military expert: We must voice our complaints to all international organizations ‘day and night’

Panorama,  Armenia

Armenian military expert, Turkologist Karen Hovhannisyan calls for efforts to bring Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev to account for the war crimes committed during last year's 44-day war in Artsakh.

“Baku dictator and war criminal Aliyev must become the first war criminal convicted during his lifetime. Today, we must put this issue on the agenda and voice our complaints to all international organizations day and night,” he wrote on Facebook late on Sunday.

The expert said the accusations against Aliyev should include not only the targeted attacks on civilians and hospitals in Artsakh, but also the orders for murder and destruction on religious grounds.

“The names of the killed civilian captives released a few days ago make it clear that many of these people were elderly couples, who did not manage to flee their homes, which belonged to them since the Soviet period. And those people were tortured and killed on religious grounds and for their nationality.

“In addition, there is much evidence that servicemen of Azerbaijan’s regular army not only tortured the surviving and captured Armenian soldiers, but also mutilated and burnt the bodies of the dead servicemen,” the expert said.

“Such a practice of terrorist groups carried out by the Azerbaijani forces during the martial law, that is, when Aliyev was the commander-in-chief, suggests that it was Aliyev who gave all these orders, and the videos that are repeatedly spreading on the internet are evidence of the fulfillment of these orders.

“Today we must create big problems for Azerbaijan in this regard, as well as demand the establishment of multidisciplinary expert commissions from international organizations for every inch of the border drawn using GPS,” Hovhannisyan said. 

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