Shakhtar did much for Henrikh, and Henrikh did a lot for Shakhtar

Rinat Akhmetov: Shakhtar did much for Henrikh, and Henrikh did a lot
for Shakhtar

15:00 13/07/2013 » SPORT

During Shakhtar’s training session at the Donbass Arena, the president
of the Pitmen responded to questions from the media.

Regarding Henrikh Mkhitaryan’s move to Borussia Dortmund Akhmetov
said: `I respect his decision. It’s his choice.
Do you remember the situation with Ilsinho? Once there was a situation
with Matuzalem … With Mkhitaryan we signed the contract: if all of a
sudden Henrikh sees fit to terminate it, he has that right, and he has
to play the club a compensation – USD 30 million. He had such right.
We respect the contract. In Mkhitaryan’s case, he didn’t have the
clause that Willian or Fernandinho had. And if Henrikh wants to
terminate the contract, please pay the club $ 30 million, and then
sell yourself even for 130 million. That’s your right, your choice. We
respect a contract that FC Shakhtar signs. If you want the club to
sell, then we have the right to sell, not to sell or put another
figure. Perhaps someone incorrectly explained it at the beginning –
the lawyers of Henrikh or someone else.

In any case, he has done well yesterday when he still gained strength
and courage and thanked the club, the players, Lucescu and the fans.
It seems to me that Shakhtar did much for Henrikh, and that Henrikh
did a lot for Shakhtar. Therefore, we will remember the good things he
did for Shakhtar.’


From: Baghdasarian