New Discovery: "Surik Khachatryan Shot His Mistress Who Was Pregnant


“On October 21, 1990, Surik Khachatryan, with the ones like he,
deceptively kidnapped and then brutally tortured one of our devotees
of the war for freedom, at that time the commander of ARF combat squad
Lerment Sargsyan and me in a building of Goris city. After brutally
torturing us, they kept us for about 30 hours in this private prison,
and after the border residents standing up and in the result of the
intervention of the Minister of the Internal Affairs Karlos Ghazaryan,
they had to release us. We had submitted respective explanations and
statements about this crime to the Internal Affairs Division of Goris
city, but during the last more than 22 years Surik Khachatryan did
not bear responsibility for such crimes”, – says the former Mayor
of Goris Samvel Harutyunyan to introducing the activities
of 90â~@²s of the former Governor of Syunik Marz Surik Khachatryan.

The reason of their torturing, the former Mayor of Goris conditions
with S. Khachaturian’s intent to establish an atmosphere of dread
in Goris city. “With all our ability we were trying to participate
in the defense of homeland, and risking our lives to counterblow the
Azerbaijani fighters who were attacking bordering settlements at that
time. Apparently, they did not like it. Because, a few days later,
the elections of Goris city and regional Board of Deputies were
planned to take place, and both my friend and I were candidates for
deputy. Their aim was to put an end to the growth of our reputation. We
had a serious squad of combat and, apparently, the existence of the
squad and our reputation was disturbing them.

” Believing his words, in 1991, people of Goris were shocked by another
action of Surik Khachatryan. “Surik Khachatryan, for the purpose of
killing, has shot at the resident of Orhnidzor village, the singer of
the folk instruments orchestra of the Department of Culture in Goris,
as people of Goris say, Surik Khachatryan’s mistress A. M. The reason
was that A. M., according to Goris widespread rumors, has informed
Surik Khachatryan that she is pregnant and expecting a baby. Surik
Khachatryan fired, and A. M.

dying was transported to Sissian, she was operated on there and
miraculously her life was saved, but they failed to save the life of
a child inside. Surik Khachatryan again did not bear responsibility
for this crime, so far.

” According to Mr. Harutyunyan, in 1999 a few days before the
Parliamentary elections on May, the same A. M together with her husband
comes to him as a candidate for deputy, and to one of the generals
of current MD and tries to show her tattered belly, and they urged
her to apply to law enforcement officials. “We are trying to apply
to law enforcement with a statement of relevant evidences.

Apparently, A. M. is still afraid to turn to law enforcement.”

According to Mr. Harutyunyan, in 1995 Surik Khachatryan using gunshot
seriously wounded young man Anushavan Arushanyan. “Immediately after it
the injured citizen was moved to the hospital, the representatives of
Surik Khachatryan’s gang entered the hospital and release shots in the
X-ray room, and he is not subject to criminal responsibility for the
crime.” To our question why he shot at the young man, Mr. Harutyunyan
could not tell the reason,- “I do not know why he fired. Spilling
blood is a hobby for him. tried to talk also to Surik Khachatryan, but he was
unavailable throughout the day.


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From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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