German Intelligence :95 % Of Free Army Non-Syrian Extremist Groups


Jun 13, 2013

Berlin, (SANA)- German “Die Welt” daily said that only 5% of the
armed terrorists in the so-called Free Army are Syrians, while 95%
of them are extremist groups which came from several African countries
to jihad in Syria baked by the Gulf and Arab countries.

The daily quoted intelligence experts in Germany as saying : ”
The German intelligence has an official and detailed account of
the nationalities of the rebels in Syria and their locations in
the country,”

A member of the German intelligence said that some terrorist groups
in Syria wok in full coordination with al-Qaeda, but the extremist
groups are most dangerous than al-Qaeda since they commit genocide
against children and women and use them as human shields to achieve
the possible biggest number of casualties.

According to a semi-official statistics the number of the gunmen in
Syria estimated at 14,800 including experts in many fields like the
preparation of improvised explosive devices. Most of those gunmen
previously participated in several attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The biggest danger lies in the Arab countries’ help releasing Islamic
detainees and sending them to Syria with the aim of Jihad against
the Syrian state violating the standards of anti-terrorism Conventions.

The armed terrorist groups of the so-called Jabhat al-Nusra have
committed a large number of massacres against children, women and
elderly in different regions of Syria, the most recently massacre
was carried out in Hatleh village in Deir Ezzor Province claiming the
lives of over 30 people because of their refusal to support terrorists
in their hostile acts against civilians.

H. Zain/ Ghossoun

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