Ispirian: Turkey reacts painfully to recognition of Armenian Genocid

Ispirian: Turkey reacts painfully to recognition of Armenian Genocide

Saturday,April 20

In order to encourage the international recognition of the Armenian
Genocide, the Armenian authorities should do active work in the
countries which have a leading position in the international arena.
Turkologist Andranik Ispirian expressed such an opinion during a talk
with the correspondent of when discussing the measures and
mechanisms aimed at the international recognition of the Armenian

He said that levers of exerting pressure and influence on the ruling
circles of countries, which have not yet recognize the Genocide, may
also contribute to the Genocide’s recognition. The expert did not
consider the existence of large Armenian communities in these
countries as a necessary condition.

`Let’s take a look at the list of the countries that acknowledged the
Armenian Genocide. Among them are also countries, in which the
Armenian community is not very influential,’ he stressed.

The Turkologist underlined the necessity to work actively with the
public sector of various countries, including editors, scientists,
analysts so that they could discuss the subject of the Armenian
Genocide and denounce this crime against humanity.

`More information about the Armenian Genocide should be published in
foreign periodicals and information field, while authoritative public
and political figures should make statements and appeals for the
condemnation of the Genocide,’ Ispirian noted.

According to him, Turkey reacts painfully to each case of the Armenian
Genocide’s recognition by a country.

In his opinion, it is necessary to develop a legal package with
documented facts about the Genocide.

`We should achieve a legal condemnation of the Armenian Genocide by
going to various courts. Such experience already exists in
California,’ Ispirian said.

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