Poll: In Azerbaijan, 97% Of Respondents Are Against Friendship With


13:11 19/04/2013 ” SOCIETY

Social media have become one of the few places where young people
from Armenia and Azerbaijan can meet, the Balcanicaucaso writes.

Because of the sensitivities of being seen to connect with the other
side in the conflict, the Armenian and Azerbaijani teenagers chose
not to use Facebook to remain in contact once they were back home
from different forums.

“Such a situation was not surprising given the intensity of the
information war conducted online and the monitoring of activity
by security services. The same year, for example, Adnan Hajizade
and Emin Milli, two online activists in Azerbaijan, were arrested,
albeit for criticizing their government,” the article says.

The article recalls that on 1 March 2011, online Azerbaijani news
site Qaynar.Info published the names of prominent activists and
journalists in the country who had Armenian ‘friends’ on Facebook in
an attempt to discredit them and to further engage in a campaign to
warn citizens of the danger of social networking sites.

According to the article, in its 2009 household survey, 70 percent
of respondents in Armenia said they were against forming friendships
with Azerbaijanis while 97 percent of Azerbaijanis were opposed to
friendship with Armenians.

Source: Panorama.am

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