Turkey Lives Drinking The Blood Of Doves


11:28 – 19.01.2013

In 2007 it became clear once again that there are no young turks,
modern turks or conservative ones, they all are the same at all times.

And even though the founder of “Agos” daily Hrant Dink thought that
they do not kill doves in that country, but he was wrong: Turkey lives
drinking the blood of doves, it kills those who believe in its future.

January 19, 2007 is the date when one of those doves Hrant Dink was
murdered in front of his establishment.

Turks try to look polite by organizing memorial ceremonies and
visiting Dink’s tomb, where quantity of people is the only thing
stressed. However, there is a group of intelligent people in Turkey
who really mourns Hrant Dink’s death and there is no need to look
for them in the crowd, as they mourn unnoticed.

By killing Hrant Dink, Turkey’s “advanced” authorities showed what
happens to those who dare to THINK and have own ideas.

“I’m telling you, even if turks transferred Armenians by golden
planes, it still would be called GENOCIDE, as people were cut from
their roots”, said Dink.

So, how should Hrant Dink’s murder be qualified? When a person is
killed for being Armenian, for loving turkish people and for free
thinking, it can never be called simple murder.

Turkey continues denying the Armenian Genocide, however continue
committing Genocide in front of the entire world till today.

Unpunishment is what gives turks wings and “Peace” policy of powerful

Sleep in fear, murder has become natural in your country. Who knows
who’s throat will be cut by the knives that you hide under your

P.S. “Believer” turks, God is watching from above (or Allah,
for you)…

Video by Civilnet


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