According to Aram Safaryan, Those Who Oppose the Eurasian Integratio

According to Aram Safaryan, Those Who Oppose the Eurasian Integration
to the European Integration Weaken Society

DECEMBER 27, 2012 16:54

`There is no disagreement on the political stage of the Republic of
Armenia as to the fact that there ostensibly is a contradiction
between the Eurasian integration and the European integration,’
political analyst Aram Safaryan expressed this idea during a
conversation with

He stated that on August 8, when Serzh Sargsyan and Vladimir Putin met
in the Kremlin, the Eurasian integration of the Republic of Armenia
had been promoted as a result of their conversation. A. Safaryan
informed that such discussions had taken place in Yerevan, St.
Petersburg, Moscow and Minsk at the level of politicians and experts
in the past few months, most of which the analyst participated in.

Knowing about the details of the issue, Mr. Safaryan expressed an
idea: `I think that those, who will try to oppose the European
integration of the Republic of Armenia to Armenia’s more active
participation in the Eurasian process will just aim at confronting and
dividing Armenian society into supporters of Europe and Russia, will
cause a clash between them, make Armenian society weaker and
unprotected to a certain extent. Everyone knows what Armenia expects
from the European integration; it is to harmonize the political,
social, economic and legal fields of the Republic of Armenia with the
European standards. Our society doesn’t have disagreements here. We
can expect to participate in a new organization based on our security
and geopolitical alliance in the Eurasian integration processes, if
our society chooses that in 2013.’

Mr. Safaryan made the following comment on the tendency of many people
to compare the Eurasian Union with the Soviet Union: `Its
reestablishment is not only impossible, but also meaningless. The
multilevel processes that are in progress in the post-Soviet territory
aim at consolidating post-Soviet peoples and states, creating
conditions for them to live peacefully and breathe freely based on
economic interest and a community of worldviews. If the way to do that
is found, that megaproject will be successful.’

We asked A. Safaryan to assess the internal political situation,
particularly L. Ter-Petrossian’s and G. Tsarukyan’s not announcing
their candidacies. He didn’t wish to comment, explaining that as a
political analyst, who had dealt with the issues of the Eurasian
integration, he had often been abroad and hadn’t always been able to
follow the internal political developments.


From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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