Expenditures of the NKR Gov Staff will Increase by AMD 111.3 mln

The Expenditures of the NKR Government Staff will Increase by AMD 111.3 mln

Thursday, 13 December 2012 11:19

The expenditures of the NKR President’s office will not change as
compared to the current year and will amount to AMD 271 mln 280
thousand. This was reported by head of the office Marat Mousayelyan
during the recently held National Assembly discussions who said that
in the current year they managed to save an amount of AMD 83 mln.

The funds allocated to the National Assembly will increase by about 6
mln 140 thousand drams in the coming year. According to the head of
the NA staff the growth of expenditures is stipulated by some changes
in the staff, purchase of administrative equipment as well as by the
increase of expenses on representation.

In contrast to the mentioned two staffs the expenditures of the
government staff for 2013 will increase by about AMD 111.3 mln. As the
head of the government staff assured this growth is stipulated by
adding about 40 new posts into the staff as since the new year a
social and economic department will be formed in the staff. The
government staff will also be occupied with the issues of state
property management and migration and will implement a number of new

The expenses of the General Prosecutor’s Office will even decrease by
600 thousand drams. So will the expenses of the Central Electoral
Commission whereas in the Justice Ministry, the Supreme Court and and
in the Control Palace the expenditures will rise.

From: A. Papazian