What Prevents the Official from Making Use of the Public Transport?

What Prevents the Official from Making Use of the Public Transport?

Friday, 14 December 2012 13:31

Recently the issue of the necessity of rendering a second official car
to the Human Rights Protection Office that was raised by human rights
advocate Yuri Hairapetyan during the presentation of the expenditures
of the office at the National Assembly became a matter of hot

If the funds of some state structures are decreasing, the expenditures
of the Ministry of Culture and Youth Affairs and the human rights
protection office will rise in 2013 as the both structures were
transported to Shoushi which means that at least the transportation
expenses will increase as the greater part of the employees are from

The need of the second car the human rights advocate explained with
the fact that the office was provided with only one car and when the
employees visit the regions he has to manage without an automobile.
`If in Stepanakert I had no problem with the transport, in Shoushi I
will surely have to face it in order to reach Stepanakert,’ Yuri
Hairapetyan noted during the discussions and emphasized several times
that the human rights advocate must always be at reach for the
citizens. And according to him so as to be at reach he must often make
appointments in Stepanakert as well.

But the human rights advocate so eager to be at citizens’ reach did
not even think that at times he might make use of the interurban
transport as for example in a number of European countries different
officials do.

If some deputies participating in the discussions agreed that the
Human Rights Protection Office needed another car, deputy Artur
Tovmasyan rejected the request and explained that it would increase
the social tension.

And deputy Arevik Petrosyan promised to provide weekly one of the
rooms of the «Vita» organization office to Yuri Hairapetyan for
several hours for his appointment hours.

The issue of the car remained unsettled though Yu. Hairapetyan
expressed his hope towards the government members’ and deputies’
support for solving the problem.


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