`Center of Civil Initiatives’ is Ten Years Old

`Center of Civil Initiatives’ is Ten Years Old

Wednesday, 12 December 2012 12:26

The `Centre of civil initiatives’ non-governmental organization, that
has been functioning in Artsakh since 2002, summed up the results of
its 10 years’ activities. The organization, which deals with such
issues as the former war prisoners’ and their families’ social and
psychological recovery, their social integration, legal counseling,
protection of rights of former prisoners as well as of national and
other minorities and some other problems, has been carrying out gender
politics for the last few years.

Among the programmes implemented during the last ten years chairman of
the organization Albert Voskanyan mark out the monitoring programme
they carried out in penal institutions from April, 2003, till June,
2007, within the framework of which they examined not only the
sanitary conditions of the place but also the prisoners’ medical
assistance, meeting their food requirement and some activities
implemented in a number of other directions. The organization carried
out a number of discussions, legal consultations with both the
prisoners and the staff of the corresponding institutions.

With the monitoring results some accounts were prepared and sent to
the NKR authorities, to the EU, the UNO and other international law
enforcement bodies.
Since 2007 the monitoring was stopped, as Albert Voskanyan assured the
police did not allow entering the mentioned penal institutions.

Since March, 2010, the `Center of civil initiatives’ non-governmental
organization has been implementing the regional programme of
`Consolidation of women’s potential in the peacemaking process in the
South Caucasus’ under the patronage of the CARE international

Members of the organization are sure that the implemented projects
will contribute to the development of civil society and gender
equality both in Karabakh and in the whole region.


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