Sargsyan: Implementation of regional programs while isolating Armeni

President Sargsyan: Implementation of regional programs while
isolating Armenia is not viable and will hinder regional stability

16:47 15/12/2012 » POLITICS

`Persistence in the reformation of internal security structures and
assuring their compliance with modern requirements, prevention of
external threats, as well as steps to ensure an adequate response will
span comprehensive – intelligence, political, diplomatic, economic,
information, if necessary, military and other measures,’ Armenian
President stated at the RPA 14th Convention held today in Yerevan.

`We are living in a region entangled in a web of consistent hatred and
warmongering rhetoric, a region full of threats and hazards. Some
countries even question the right of the Armenian people to live on
their historical land. The probabilities of military conflicts in our
region are rampant. Stopping the arms race and lifting the blockade
remain high on our political agenda. Dividing lines, xenophobia and
the inclination of some of our neighbors to solve issues through force
or threats thereof will continue to be rejected. Implementation of
regional programs while isolating Armenia is not viable and will
hinder regional stability, security and development processes. We will
continue our substantial contribution to the process of establishing
an atmosphere of mutual trust in our region,’ stated Serzh Sargsyan.

According to RA President, no nation is perceived by the Armenian
people as enemy.

`In the same spirit, the Armenian people anticipate that the
authorities of neighboring states will stop their policy of denying
Armenians the right of existence, sovereignty, stable and secure
development, meanwhile pushing their own societies towards violence.
At the same time, we are confident that the first and foremost
guarantor of a secure Motherland is our Army. Maintaining peace in the
region and thwarting military recklessness against our country depend
on a precise and purposeful development of our defense potential, in
accordance with modern standards of professionalism, discipline,
transparency, and control,’ said Armenian President.