Europe made clear for Prosperous Armenia leader that …

Europe made clear for Prosperous Armenia leader that it’s impossible
to simultaneously be
December 14, 2012 | 13:52

YEREVAN. – Armenia is a country where it is very difficult to
differentiate the political opposition, National Self-Determination
Union (NSU) Chairman Paruyr Hayrikyan stated during a press conference
on Friday.

And speaking about the reasons why Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP)
leader Gagik Tsarukyan decided not to run in next February’s
presidential elections, the opposition NSU head said it is possible
that during his European contacts they made it clear for him that it
is impossible to be a businessman and to indulge in politics at the
same time.

And with respect to a possible pressure exerted upon the PAP chairman
so as not to run for president, Hayrikyan noted that numerous things
are carried out in Armenia through pressure. `I believe we need to
always oppose force with the precept of self-determination,’ Paruyr
Hayrikyan added.