Armenian Man Wounded Days Ago In Hasake Died


18:10, 11 December, 2012

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 11, ARMENPRESS: Armenian Yusuf Pachora who was
wounded a few days ago in Hasake city bordering with Turkey died.

Armenpress was informed from our compatriots from Hasake. At the
beginning of December news was spread that Armenian man had been killed
and his son wounded by militants in Hasake. The incident took place
during the attempt of the kidnapping. According to the information
the killed man was Abd al-Ahad Pachora.

Spokesperson of Berio Diocese Jirair Reisian informed that there
were no serious changes in Aleppo. The only positive thing was the
electricity which had been switched on for a little bit long period.

Therefore now the city is again in the darkness and shootings and
bombings are heard from time to time. Reisian also informed that it
was getting colder in Aleppo and people had to leave their apartments
because of the bad conditions. Our compatriots from Damascus also
informed that the situation is relatively calm after fueled clashes
on the roads. According to him there is a lack of bread in the capital
because of the flood of the inhabitants to the capital.

About 40 000 people have died in a result of clashes in Syria.

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