Barriers To Be Built Near "Symphony Of Stones" In Garni


16:06, 11 December, 2012

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 11, ARMENPRESS. The Police of the Republic of Armenia
answered to the letter of the “Trchkan” civil initiative and stated
that they are still in the process of investigation of the material
introduced in the message and video clip.

As reports “Armenpress” in the message it is stated: “In accordance
with the order of the Head of the Police the route of patrol service
in the territory of “Symphony of Stones” will be organized so that the
monument could always be in the centre of the attention of the police.

Also the issue of erecting barriers near the monument is being
considered. Notwithstanding, in our opinion it’s necessary to solve
the problem of territory and chose appropriate status for it.

As per the alarm regarding the construction of buildings using stones
of natural monuments, than we should note that the Police is taking
all necessary measures aimed to the discovery of those criminals.

Notwithstanding the necessity of excluding such cases in future
is of a certain importance now and in this respect the Police is
expecting support and assistance from public organizations and civil