Oskanian: It Was A Necessary Visit


Story from Lragir.am News:

16:04 07/12/2012

After returning from Brussels, member of the PAP delegation Vartan
Oskanian posted his impressions on his Facebook page. He described
the visit as a necessary one.

According to him, it was necessary that the PAP, as an influential
force in Armenia, presented its opinions on the country’s present
and future.

Second, it was important that the European Union, as one of the most
important partners of Armenia, perceived PAP as a reliable partner.

Third, it was necessary to dispel the misunderstanding that the PAP
is a strongly biased force which does not support European values.

Vartan Oskanian says that the visit was effective. The European
side was interested in the essence of Prosperous Armenia party,
its plans for the future of the country. Besides the Europeans
were interested to know what responsibility the PAP is ready to get
through the negotiations on the EU-Armenia Association and the Deep
and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreements.

Prosperous Armenia was interested in a sincere and objective assessment
of the European Union to the processes in Armenia, the ongoing reforms.

According to Vartan Oskanian, both sides received answers to their


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