Expert: Future Of Nagornyy Karabakh Is Within Armenia


Tuesday, September 18, 19:25

The resolution of European Parliament on Safarov’s case is not
satisfactory, political expert, Richard Giragossian, said at today’s

“I did not like the reaction of the European Parliament. It had to
occupy harsher stance, in particular, to impose a military embargo
on Azerbaijan and apply sanctions on it”, – he said.

He also added that such reaction of the European Parliament was not
a surprise for him, as this structure always escapes making sharp
solutions. Nevertheless, the resolution also has a positive side,
as Azerbaijan was condemned in it, he said and added that this was
an achievement not only of Armenia’s Foreign Ministry but of the
Armenian Diaspora too.

Touching on Karabakh conflict settlement, the expert said that Armenia
should threaten Azerbaijan to leave the negotiating process. As
for the NKR independence and Armenia’s position in this matter,
Giragossian said that Armenia will be wrong if it first recognizes
independence of the NKR. “If Armenia first recognizes independence
of the NKR, it will find itself in the same situation like Turkey,
that recognized independence of Northern Cyprus. One thing is clear
in such a situation, that Karabakh will never be within Azerbaijan”,
– the expert said and added that nevertheless, the NKR is not yet
ready to independence because of economic problems.

“The future of Karabakh is within Armenia”, – Giragossian concluded.

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