BAKU: Azerbaijani Ruling Party Appeals To European Parliament


Sept 14 2012

The ruling New Azerbaijan Party and the Azerbaijani public are
concerned and sorry about the provisions reflected in the European
parliament’s resolution on Azerbaijan and the extradition of Ramil
Safarov, which was passed on September 13, the official website of
the party said today.

The ruling party sent an appeal to the European Parliament in
connection with this document.

“While extraditing and pardoning Azerbaijani army officer Ramil
Safarov, Azerbaijan remains true to the principles and norms of
international law,” the ruling party’s statement to the European
parliament said.

The concerns of the Azerbaijani public, who protested the resolution
of the European Parliament, are reflected in the appeal.

“The position reflected in the document is biased and prejudiced,
we are concerned by the fact that this document may exacerbate the
situation in the region, and we hope that parliamentarians will
comprehensively examine the problem while taking further action on
such a sensitive issue,” the statement said.

On Thursday, the European parliament adopted a resolution with regard
to Ramil Safarov’s extradition to Azerbaijan and his pardoning by
the president.

The resolution regretted that Safarov was received as a hero at home,
and expressed concern that this may lead to increasing tensions
between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

From: Baghdasarian

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