Shavarsh Kocharyan: Turkey Has Nothing To Do In Nagorno Karabakh Con


2010-05-19 12:30:00

ArmInfo. Turkey has nothing to do in the Nagorno Karabakh conflict
settlement process, Deputy Foreign Minister of Armenia Shavarsh
Kocharyan said in an interview with the Public TV of Armenia when
commenting on the statements about involvement of Turkey in the
Karabakh conflict settlement process.

According to him, when meeting, the leaders of Russia, the USA,
France, European Union and the OSCE MG co-chairs never reply to
Turkey’s request to be involved in the process. "It was even claimed
that only the OSCE MG is engaged in the conflict settlement process.

Actually, Turkey was told that it has nothing to do in the process.

Permanent addressing of the Turkish prime minister to this issue and
repetition of one and the same has led to fact that just Turkey was
excluded from the process of formation of the civilized relations
in this region", S. Kocharyan said. He also added that permanent
massaging of this topic by Turkey, especially in the person of its
prime minister, reduced to the fact that Armenia shut up its door,
nd Turkey has found itself in isolation. "In such a situation, I just
wonder, how long one may hold a monologue with himself and repeat
one and same when there is no audience", deputy FM said.

Moreover, S. Kocharyan thinks that Turkey may be useful in case if it
could make Azerbaijan be constructive. According to him, it sometimes
seems that the conflict settlement is not to Turkey’s advantage.

"Perhaps, the status of a younger brother is beneficial for Turkey.

Why? Because if the conflict is settled, dependence on Turkey will
essentially reduce. We could make sure of the fact that relations
between the two brothers are not so fraternal when Azerbaijan was
aggrieved and started making insinuations against Turkey because of
the beginning of the Armenian-Turkish process", Kocharyan said.

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