March 22, reporters asked ARF parliamentary member Artsvik Minasyan
his opinion about the possibilities for Nagorno-Karabakh participation
in the NKR issue negotiation about which the OSCE Minsk group French
co-chair Bernard Fassier stated recently in Yerevan. Reporters asked
Artsvik Minasyan whether he agrees with the statement of a number
of governmental members as well as Fassier himself, that Karabakh
was pushed out of the negotiation process only "thanks" to Robert
Kocharyan’s efforts whom the ARF has supported for 10 years.

Artsvik Minasyan called the statement on the participation of Karabakh
opportunistic, but the Armenian side should continue to fight for
its participation, and Armenia is obliged to conclude a strategic
documentary alliance with Karabakh.

As for the "merits" of Kocharyan, Artsvik Minasyan believes this
is some kind of misunderstanding. ARF considers that in the sense
of protecting the rights of Karabakh, it is not eliminated from the
process. The point, says Minasyan, is about who should represent the
interests of Karabakh, and this role assumed Robert Kocharyan.

Minasyan reminded the ruling Republican Party once supported Robert
Kocharyan too, and very strange that they are trying to create the
impression that Karabakh is pushed out of the process because of

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