The Serbs Are Interested In Parajanov’s Life And Activity


The director of the monuments protection agency on Serbia Tibor Vaydan
and the employee of the same agency Dragan Ilich are in Yerevan,
Armenia by the invitation of Sergey Parajanov’s the museum.

Today the Serb guests together with the Honorary Consul of the Republic
of Serbia in Armenia Babken Simonyan met with the journalists.

"The aim of our agency in Novi Sad city is to preserve the cultural
values and to create ties between our two nations", – mentioned Tibor
Vaydan and added that once the name of Parajanov was hidden and secret
and learning that there is a museum dedicated to Sergey Parajanov in
Armenia the guests have visited it for getting acquainted with his
life and activities.

"Knowing that Parajanov is a great artist we came to Armenia to
take something to Novi Sad, and to show it to our compatriots who is
Parajanov", – underlined T. Vaydan.

Honorary Consul of the Republic of Serbia in Armenia Babken Simonyan
mentioned that the cultural ties of Armenia and Serbia have history
of about 750 years.

"There exist some documentaries, observations which once again come
to certify that the Serbian monuments bear the influence of Armenian
architecture", – informed B. Simonyan and added that the Armenians
of Serbia have emigrated especially after Ani being destroyed, and
at present there is Armenian small community consisting of 300-350
people in Serbia.

"Culture is the only way that can turn the people into real friends",
– stressed Tibor Vaydan and added that the first step is already done,
and on returning to Serbia they will try to harden the Armenian and
Serbian Ties.