Namazov: Erdogan Has Just Voiced What Baku Expected


Today an Azerbaijani analyst Eldar Namazov told in an interview with agency that "Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan had just kept
his promise to Azerbaijan" when linked the matter of Armenia-Turkey
border and the Karabakh conflict.

When asked whether Erdogan convinced Obama of the certain link between
those two matters and of the opening the border only after Armenia
falls in the matter of Karabakh, Eldar Namazov said: "The uncertainty
in this matter makes me be circumspect in my assessments. The Turkey’s
Prime Minister has just voiced what Baku expected. And these all do
not mean the serious progress will appear automatically." Erdogan’s
visit to U.S. had neither final resolution on any considered item,
said the analyst.

When asked to comment the controversial moods in Azerbaijani society,
in particular, from loyalists of Turkey to chargers it with sell-out,
Eldar Namazov said it is a wrong extreme position. "I believe, we all
must be patient," he said adding that the ‘settlement of the Karabakh
problem is a very complicated process.’

"Armenia’s and Azerbaijan’s positions are contralateral," he said.

When asked why Turkey’s Ambassador to U.S. resigned fresh from
Erdogan’s visit to Washington, Eldar Namazov said he has no opinion.