Suggested Crossing The Border With Tanks


06:24 pm | October 06, 2009 | Politics

Twelve political parties headed by the ARF made a joint statement
today, demanding that the RA authorities not sign the current
Turkish-Armenian protocols. Among signatories were the ARF, "Heritage",
"New Times", the Democratic Party of Armenia, the People’s Party,
the Armenian Liberal Party (Ramkavar), the Armenian Aryan Association
and others.

The parties have different positions on the Turkish-Armenian relations,
but all signatories share the views expressed in this statement.

"Armenia’s initiative to normalize relations with Turkey without
preconditions was a serious step and it was the only concession that
the side that experienced genocide and blockade could make. The claims
that the establishment of diplomatic relations and the lifting of
Turkey’s blockade are proceeding without Turkey’s preconditions don’t
correspond to the protocols and are aimed at weakening our nation."

The points in the statement state Turkey’s preconditions and the
results that may follow, including recognition of current borders,
creation of a Turkish-Armenian historical commission and the
Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

"By finally closing the borders and registering the bilateral decision
to o pen them, Turkey is sharing the responsibility of keeping the
borders closed to this day," said member of the ARF Supreme Body
Armen Rustamyan at the end of the statement and expressed hope that
they will be able to prevent the signing of the protocols.

All parties had a chance to express their viewpoints and explain why
they joined the statement.

"We are certain that Turkey’s steps are calculated for the next 10, 20,
30 and perhaps 100 years and nothing has changed in their policy. That
is the ideology of pan-Turkism," said leader of the Democratic Party
of Armenia Aram Sargsyan.

Leader of the People’s Party Tigran Karapetyan announced that the
Turkish-Armenian border must be crossed with tanks and liberate the
lands. Leader of the Aryan Association Armen Avetisyan warned the
authorities that the time has come again for the Armenian people to
get revenge over traitors.

The statement signed by the political parties is open and those who
wish to sign may do so. Armen Rustamyan said that they personally
didn’t offer the Armenian National Congress to sign, but they have
talked to members of the Congress who are also concerned.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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Emil Lazarian

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