"Turkish Diplomacy"


07:36 pm | October 06, 2009 | Politics

While Serzh Sargsyan is greeted by protests in the Diaspora Armenian
communities, the Turkish and Azerbaijani presidents are holding a
conference of Turkish-speaking countries in Nakhijevan to reaffirm
their support for each other, as well as their positions on being
consistent in each other’s interests and resolving the Nagorno-Karabakh
conflict by the principle of territorial integrity.

"A1+" asked Republican Vazgen Karakhanyan to comment on the joint
statements by Aliev and Gul.

"I agree with those who say that we are dealing with the Turkish
diplomacy. They are doing that to ease the stir of emotions. I
don’t see any point about the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in the
preconditions and secondly, if they wish to tie the documents with
the Artsakh conflict, I think that the Armenian side must give an
adequate response."

Vazgen Karakhanyan believes that the statements by Aliev and Gul are a
"diplomatic gesture". According to the Republican, Serzh Sargsyan’s
statements are balanced. "He says that he won’t do anything that will
not benefit the nation and the country."

Karakhanyan is sure that the Turkish-Armenian protocols will not
fail. "If they fail, that will be Turkey’s fault." Is that what
Armenia is hoping for? "No, that is not what we are hoping for. I
think that we must be strong morally, psychologically and be able to
respect each other and have faith. I don’t think that the people who
say that they don’t believe, would have missed out on this opportunity
if they were in power," said Vazgen Karakhanyan.

Shouldn’t we listen to what the Dashnaks have to say, since they have
more experience in dealing with the Turks more than anyone else? In
response, Karakhanyan said:

"I agree that the Dashnaks are speaking based on their bad
experiences. They welcomed and were inspired by the fact that Sultan
Hamid was removed from office. They welcomed the Young Turks and after
a short while, 30,000 Armenians were massacred in Adana. But times have
changed and I think that in an age when there is much information and
in the light of will, reuniting Artsakh with Armenia, we have bigger
opportunities to come out victorious," said Vazgen Karakhanyan.