Arf Struggle And Quarrel


13:25:35 – 14/09/2009

The president instructs to establish relations with Turkey without
preconditions but the foreign ministry negotiates so to include
preconditions in mutual agreements making the president appear in the
difficult situation of one who refuses. This mechanism was presented
by the ARF parliamentary faction head Vahan Hovhannisyan who presented
on September 14 the reason why they demand not Serge Sargsyan’s but
Edward Nalbandyan’s resignation. "Our struggle and quarrel is with
the executive body", stated Vahan Hovhannisyan adding that this means
that Serge Sargsyan has to pay attention and to correct the mistake
of the executive body.

Vahan Hovhannisyan does not mention in what case they will demand
Serge Sargsyan’s resignation because according to him, if you say
when you will demand it you will be already demanding it. Vahan
Hovhannisyan notes Dashnaktsutyun repression on the government will
enhance alongside with governmental mistakes.

By the way, Vahan Hovhannisyan states now it is the time when it is
seen what national and not-national forces are.

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