Heritage Party MP – President Sargsyan Will Probably Visit Turkey Th

Natasha Harutyunyan

2009/08/11 | 14:59


At a press conference held today, Heritage Party Deputy Stepan
Safaryan, commenting on Karabakh conflict settlement negotiations,
noted that the growing bellicose statements by Azerbaijan are indeed
a cause for concern.

"Today, the ever increasing war mongering statements emanating from
Azerbaijan are a cause for some concern. It is also interesting
that Azerbaijani Ambassador Byulbyul-Oghli said in Russia that it is
necessary to force peace upon Armenians in Karabakh. Such statements
should not go unanswered by the Armenian diplomatic corps, especially
since they violate the Maindorf Agreement."

Deputy Safaryan also emphasized the importance of Turkey’s growing
role in the issue and the fact that Russia granted it such a status
as a result of the previous agreements.

He added that during recent years both Turkey and Azerbaijan have
proven to the West that blackmail lies at the heart of their foreign
policy and that they cannot serve as reliable partners.

"In the situation that has been created, Armenia has taken on added
significance in the sense that, both in terms of Armenian-Turkish
and Armenian-Azeri relations, it would appear that Armenia is viewed
as the primary factor to rein them in. Given such a situation,
it would be a huge crime if Armenia didn’t take advantage of this
confluence of factors and solve some of its most pressing security
issues. If Armenia actually took the initiative it can achieve much
in reinforcing its position in the region," he said.

Regarding the statements coming out of Baku regarding a possible
resumption of warfare, Deputy Safaryan stated that Azerbaijan lacked
the necessary forces to be confident of a military victory this
time around.

"Thus, I believe that Azerbaijan is not in any position to declare
war and all those threats that it is making are premeditated. We
shouldn’t take them seriously. But I would also be lying if I said
that I didn’t perceive any threat at all," noted the Heritage Party MP.

Deputy Safaryan also stated that he believed President Sargsyan would
travel to Turkey this fall regardless of whether the border was opened
or not.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress


Emil Lazarian

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