Revengefulness Towards Political Prisoners


15:43:07 – 11/08/2009

The amnesty was declared in a way to let as many people as possible in
prisons. This is the opinion of the representative of the committee
for political prisoners and politically persecuted people, lawyer
Vardan Harutunyan. He insisted today that the government had the
problem to keep certain political prisoners in prisons. One of
them, according to Harutunyan is the NA parliamentary member, Sasun
Mikaelyan. He stated that all the political prisoners charged in the
same case have been set free except Sasun Mikaelyan. Revengefulness
was added to personal revenge. Proceeding from this, they formulated
the text of the amnesty in a way that we still have 21 political
prisoners. Harutunyan mentioned other two political prisoners, whom
the government treats with special revengefulness. They are the young
activist of the HAK Roman Mnatsakanyan and Sargis Hatspanyan.

Harutunyan stated that Roman Mnatsakanyan is not one of the organizers
of the movement but only a participant of rallies. He stated that the
officials of the penitentiary institution, treated Mnatsakanyan very
bad and the head of the institution did not even hide his negative
attitude towards the youth.

The third political prisoner is Sargis Hatspanyan. Harutunyan
stated that everyone knows and admits the fact that Hatspanyan is
a participant of the Artsakh liberating battle. But the ministry
of Justice demands from Hatspanyan a certificate proving that he
participated in the Artsakh war. The lawyer stated that thousands of
people participated in the war, but such a certificate may present
only those, who continued their service in the army.