Putin Urged To Fail Nabucco


Information-Analytic Agency NEWS.am
Aug 6 2009

Russian-Turkish and Russian-Azerbaijani energy projects might turn
into a close cooperation, said Giro Manoyan, ARF Dashnaktsutyun leader
and Armenian Cause office Head.

According to him, Armenia has to be vigilant not to allow this
cooperation to affect its interests. Meanwhile, he recalled Russia
to be Armenia’s strategic partner which is not "for free". First of
all it meets Russia’s interests, secondly with a glance to probable
danger from Turkey. So there is no need to panic, and have confidence
in Moscow only. Manoyan assumes Yerevan even today being as CSTO
member easily collaborates with NATO.

Commenting on Russia’s attempts to seize the Armenian-Turkish
rapprochement initiative from West, ARFD leader outlined that considers
this process the initiative of Yerevan with Ankara’s response as a
result of August 2008 war. If it is the merit of the West, Turkey
would yield to pressure long ago. "Presently, U.S. is excited with
this bilateral project. However, Russia is reluctant to stay aside not
to enable this process to assume anti-Russian tendency. It is evident
that West tried to decrease Russia’s influence in South Caucasus by
means of Armenian-Turkish rapprochement," Manoyan added.

As for Putin-Erdogan meeting in Ankara, he emphasized the core issue
of the discussion was energy, that is two conflicting projects –
Nabucco and South Stream. Moreover, the main purpose of Putin’s visit
was the urge towards failing Nabucco, essentially Russian project
and if possible to gain Ankara over his side.