AZhM slams opening of foreign-language schools

AZhM slams opening of foreign-language schools
04:00 pm | May 21, 2010 | Social

The National Democratic Union (AZhM) party (chaired by Vazgen
Manukyan) today issued a statement slamming the government’s decision
to open foreign-language schools in Armenia.

"Recently, the RA government submitted to the National Assemble a bill
on making amendments to the RA Law on RA Language". The bill found
deep resonance among the public as the proposed amendments suggest
opening foreign-language schools across Armenia.

Each generation can perceive and preserve its national identity,
culture and history by receiving education in a national school. Now
that globalization threatens nations, especially minorities, the role
of the national school is very essential. All nations seek to preserve
their national values through national schools.

It is wrong to view a language solely as a "subject" taught at schools
or a means of communication. Language has deep spiritual and genetic
roots. Foreign-language schools will bring with them foreign
mentality, foreign psychology, foreign educational system and world

The National Democratic Union is against the bill and urges all
interested organizations and individuals to join their efforts against
the bill.

RA Prime Minister Hails Patrick Devedjian’s Contribution To Armenia’


May 21, 2010 – 15:25 AMT 10:25 GMT

Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan received a delegation led by
FrenchMinisterofEconomicRecovery Plan and President of the General
Council ofHauts-de-Seine department, Mr. Patrick Devedjian.

Greeting the guests, Tigran Sargsyan thanked Patrick Devedjian for
the great contribution to Armenia’s social and economic development.

The Armenian Prime Minister referred to cooperation in the educational
field, hailing internship opportunities for students of the French
University of Armenia at enterprises of Hauts-de-Seine department.

The two men discussed the process and outlooks of the Armenia-French
cooperation, attaching importance to Tavush 2012 program, which is
implemented through grants provided by Hauts-de-Seine department to
Hayastan All-Armenian Fund.

The program envisages rehabilitation and construction of irrigation
systems, establishment of milk processing station and base of modern
agricultural equipment.

Mr. Devedjian noted that the program will allow improving living
conditions of population in bordering regions, as well as reducing

Mr. Sargsyan stressed that equal development of territories is among
priorities of the Armenian government.

At the guest’s request, the Prime Minister briefed on the strategy
for development of Armenia’s agriculture.

The two men also referred to programs on road construction in rural
areas, specifically, the complex program of North-South transport

2 International Wrestling Tournaments To Be Held May 22-30 In Armeni


May 21, 2010 – 19:08 AMT 14:08 GMT

On May 28-30, Yerevan’s Dinamo sports complex will host Olympic
champion Levon Julfalakyan’s international youth Greco-Roman wrestling
championship, with Armenian, Russian, Iranian, Georgian and Ukrainian
teams participating.

Another international wrestling championship will launch May 22 in
Gyumri to host 150 young sportsmen from Russia, Georgia and Armenia.

Azerbaijani Community Of Crimea Condemns Decision Of Uzhgorod City C


May 21 2010

Crimea – APA. Rahim Humbatov, chairman of the "Azerbaijani Community
of Crimea" Public Union, sent a letter to mayor of Uzhgorod concerning
the recognition of the so-called "Armenian genocide" by Uzhgorod city
council. Rahim Humbatov told APA that the letter says the decision
is illegal.

"Uzhgorod city council has the right to pass decisions independently
only concerning the local issues within the framework of the Ukrainian
Constitution and laws. It is obvious that by passing this decision
Uzhgorod city council exceeded its power. It is also obvious that
the decision contradicts the interests of Ukraine."

The letter says that during Nagorno Karabakh conflict Armenians
committed genocide against the civilians in Khojaly, a lot of films
were made, books and articles written about the genocide. Rahim
Humbatov asked Uzhgorod city council to recognize Khojaly genocide as
a crime against mankind, appeal to Ukrainian President and parliament
and support the Azerbaijani people.

Georgia Supports Turkey’s Bigger Regional Role

Giorgi Kvelashvili

Georgian daily
May 20 2010

Turkey has been Georgia’s number one trade partner ever since Moscow
imposed harsh economic sanctions on Tbilisi some four years ago. To
Russia’s great disappointment, the full-scale embargo has failed to
compel Georgia to change its liberal domestic policy and pro-Western
foreign orientation.

What it produced instead was Georgia’s even more rigorous political
and economic liberalization and faster reorientation of its markets
to seek trade partners and investors in Europe, the United States,
the Middle East and elsewhere around the globe.

Arguably, Turkey has been the biggest beneficiary since its businesses
have rushed to fill the vacuum Russia left behind. And with that the
already close political ties between the two Caucasus and Black Sea
neighbors have turned into a strategic partnership. Tbilisi hopes that
Ankara’s increased engagement in the region would be key to economic
prosperity and political stability and would also dilute the negative
role Moscow has traditionally played in the Caucasus.

Perhaps this thought was behind the sentiment Georgian President
Mikheil Saakashvili expressed on May 17 as he cordially greeted
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Batumi, Georgia’s
burgeoning Black Sea Riviera, during the ribbon-cutting ceremony
of the Sheraton Batumi Hotel, built on Turkish money. Welcoming
Erdogan in his native Turkish, the Georgian president underscored the
benefits the two countries have garnered by establishing a visa-free
free trade relationship with one another. "The cooperation between
Turkey and Georgia is an example for Europe and the whole region,"
Saakashvili was quick to stress, and among the examples of rapidly
developing economic partnerships he named the Batumi international
airport – which has been under dual Georgian-Turkish authority;
two million people crossing the Georgian-Turkish border annually who
will soon require no international passports to enter each other’s
territory; and the hundreds of millions of dollars that Turks invest
into Georgia’s tourism and infrastructure in its Black Sea cities,
Tbilisi and elsewhere around the country.

Georgians estimate that this year alone some two million foreign
tourists will visit their country, with more than 800,000 in Achara,
a southwestern Black Sea region in Georgia with Batumi as its central
city. Turkish companies are interested in further developing Georgia’s
capacities to transit more Azeri and Caspian oil and gas through
its territory beyond the already operational Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan
and Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum pipelines. In addition, Georgia, Turkey
and Azerbaijan are building a railroad segment to connect the three
nations and Turkish firms are keen to invest into Georgia’s hydro
power and tourism industries.

Before coming to Georgia, Prime Minister Erdogan had had important
talks in Iran and Azerbaijan. In Tehran, Erdogan and Brazilian
President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva negotiated a deal with the
Iranian leader, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that could potentially help
alleviate the international community’s fears over Iran’s nuclear
program. In Baku, the Turkish leader discussed with President Ilham
Aliyev of Azerbaijan a variety of issues ranging from strengthening
bilateral economic and political ties to Nagorno-Karabakh to the
Turkish-Armenian relationship.

The political part of President Saakashvili’s speech was no less
impressive. Saakashvili called the West’s standoff with Iran the
"life and death" issue for the "survival [of] small [third] countries"
and praised Erdogan for trying to make "a diplomatic breakthrough" to
defuse tensions. This would be a "diplomatic victory," the Georgian
leader underscored, "for Iran, Europe, America, Turkey and…for

Saakashvili apparently wants to make clear that there is a growing
fear in Georgia that if Western capitals and Moscow negotiate a
bargain in order to resolve the Iranian nuclear program issue, it
increases the chance of Russia’s domination over Georgia and other
post-Soviet nations. That the Kremlin would, as a bargaining chip,
demand a sphere of influence at the expense of Georgia’s sovereignty
and freedom of choice leaves almost no doubt in Tbilisi. Also, it
is a widespread sentiment in Georgia that the United States and
its European allies are not pressuring Russia enough to make it
honor its international obligations and withdraw its troops from the
occupied Georgian lands. When it comes to Georgia’s NATO membership,
Georgian analysts believe, the West has not been persistent enough
in keeping Russia out of its decision-making process and in setting
clear goals and a due timetable for Georgia so that no doubts are
left in the alliance’s commitment to the enlargement process and the
moral principles.

Georgians already view the Obama administration’s "Russia first"
policy with alarming concern and their fears only increased after the
White House announced that "the war [Russia waged against Georgia in
2008] should no longer be an issue" when it resubmitted on May 11 the
U.S.-Russia civilian nuclear agreement to Congress. Tbilisi’s desire
to see the Iranian nuclear problem be solved without Russia being
granted a free hand in Georgia is only natural and hence Saakashvili’
calling the Iran issue the matter of "life and death" for his small
country. Turkey’s overall bigger regional role and more economic and
political involvement in the Caucasus, in Tbilisi’s calculations,
might positively influence the present and future developments in
and around Georgia.

Prosecutor General Of Armenia Receives Delegation Of CE Committee Fo


2010-05-20 10:43:00

ArmInfo. Prosecutor General of Armenia Aghvan Hovsepyan met the
delegation of CE Committee for Prevention of Torture headed by its
President Mauro Palma. The parties discussed issues of fight against
violence with respect to witnesses detained on criminal cases by the
law machinery, press service of the Prosecutor General’s Office told
ArmInfo. In particular, Hovsepyan said that the punitive policy in this
sphere contributes to efficiency of struggle using investigation-alien

A. Hovsepyan said he has already instructed the territorial
subdivisions of the Prosecutor’s Office to periodically study the
journals of criminal-executive establishments which reflect data
about the results of examination of the suspected persons and detected
injuries. At request of the delegates, the primary activities of the
Special Investigation Service, guarantees of its independence and
the legislative tasks, mechanisms of prosecutor’s supervision over
the course of checkup of complaints on use of investigation-alien
methods, were presented. A. Hovsepyan also informed the guests of
the circumstances of death of Levon Ghulyan, Vahan Khalafyan, Gagik
Ghazaryan and Hamlet Stepanyan in the police departments, as well
as of the course of investigation of criminal cases launched on the
facts of their death.

Moscow To Host Alley Of Friendship Event Dedicated To 65th Anniversa


May 19, 2010 – 13:17 AMT 08:17 GMT

On May 22, Moscow-based organizations will hold Alley of Friendship
event dedicated to the 65th anniversary of victory in the Great
Patriotic War.

The agenda includes planting of lilac and national ensembles’

Representatives of the Union of Armenians of Russia (UAR), Union
of Georgians of Russia, Argo Greek organization and others will be
participating, UAR press service reported.

Congressmen Request U.S. Assistance To Help Resettle Iraqi Armenian


May 19, 2010 – 19:39 AMT 14:39 GMT

Representatives Betty McCollum, Frank Pallone, Adam Schiff, and Tim
Walz spearheaded a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,
urging action to ensure the well-being of Iraqi Armenian Christian
refugees in Jordan and Syria.

The letter, which 16 other Members of Congress have signed, urgently
requests U.S. assistance to help resettle Iraqi Armenian Christian
refugees to Armenia. Additional resources from the United States will
allow Armenia to reach more Iraqi Armenian Christians with essential
resources as well as the opportunity to begin a new life in a safe
and secure environment.

"It is in the interest of the U.S. that Iraqi Armenian Christian
refugees be provided the opportunity to start a new life in safety
and peace," said Representative McCollum, who traveled to Syria and
met with Iraqi refugees in 2006. "The Armenian government’s offer
to receive refugees is very generous, and I believe the U.S. should
provide the humanitarian support necessary to ensure their successful
relocation and integration into Armenian society."

"Conditions for Iraqi Armenian Christian refugees are becoming
increasingly desperate at the same time that international support for
the vulnerable population is dwindling," said Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA).

"We urge the Obama Administration to commit additional funds to UNHCR
to sustain the momentum we have built to help these refugees resettle
and rebuild their lives in Armenia, providing a cost-effective and
regional solution for families who might otherwise seek resettlement
within our borders."

BAKU: Armenian Separatists Planning Illegal Tourism For Italians In

May 19 2010

Shusha Armenians have invented a new trick to make it more convenient
for foreign tourists to visit the occupied Azerbaijani territories.

Yerevan has hosted a presentation of the first guidebook on Armenia
and Nagorno-Karabakh in Italian, in connection with which officials
of Azerbaijan have already expressed their displeasure.

Novosti-Armenia reports that the author of a guide, a spokeswoman
for the marketing company Travelmark Nadia Pasqual said the guide is
prepared by Travelmark with the support of the national competitiveness
fund of Armenia and the Office for Tourism of "the government of
Karabakh (an unrecognized breakaway region).

"Italian tourists, of course, are interested in visiting Armenia and
Nagorno-Karabakh. We need to further promote these trends among the
Italian tourists "- Pasqual said, stressing that the main focus today
is the cultural and religious tourism.

Pasqual added that the Azerbaijani Ambassador to Italy has expressed
his protest on the publication of the Guide, which also included
Nagorno-Karabakh. According to her, "the Azerbaijani Ambassador was
invited to first read the guide and only then draw conclusions." contacted spokesman for the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry
Elkhan Polukhov on this matter who noted that the request has
already been sent by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Embassy
of Azerbaijan in Italy to study the project of the Italian travel
agencies and Travelmark. It will also be found out whether the
information spread by the Armenian side on behalf of the Italian
travel agency is reliable, since the Armenian media often garble
facts or misinform public.

"This is not the first time that the Armenian side, including the
National Competitiveness Foundation of Armenia and the so-called
Office for Tourism attempt to represent Nagorno-Karabakh at different
exhibitions or events", said Coordinator of the National Project of
tourism development in Azerbaijan Faik Gurbatov .

According to him, Armenians have invented a new trick to make it more
convenient for foreign tourists to visit the occupied Azerbaijani

"Many tourists refuse to visit Nagorno-Karabakh, because then they
become persona non-grata in Azerbaijan, as they have a passport
stamp of having visited Nagorno-Karabakh. And now, to solve this
"uncomfortable" situation, the Armenian side offers the tourists
a loose leaf, which indicates that they have visited the occupied
Azerbaijani territories. So then the tourist can safely throw away
this leaflet while his passport will not a stamp, which means that
nobody knows about his visit to Nagorno-Karabakh ", said Gurbatov.

Gurbatov noted that his organization have repeatedly averted the
attempts of the Armenian side to advertise and present the occupied
Nagorno-Karabakh at international events and the justified indignation
of Azerbaijan has always been understood by the organizers of these

"As for the presentation of the Italian guidebook on Armenia and the
occupied Azerbaijani territories, it is a very serious signal which the
Azerbaijani side will have to investigate it", said Gurbatov. He noted
that through their channels they will explore and seek explanations
from the Italian travel agency, which decided to carry tourists to
the occupied Azerbaijani lands.

A guide on Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh in Italian, consisting of about
350 pages, features " history, culture and religion of Armenia and
Nagorno-Karabakh", is supplemented by photographs of sights in Armenia
and will "add to a number of Polaris famous Italian tourist guidebooks.

More Than 137 Thousand People Departed From Armenian Airport "Zvartn


May 18, 2010

More than 137 thousand people departed from Armenian international
airport "Zvartnots" during four month and more than 116 thousand,
informed Nelly Cherchinyan, press-secretary of Head Office of Civil

"According to standards, each year the growth of passengers’
transportation is registered in the first three-four months.

Such a picture is usual for each year. It is related to the work of
people abroad and other factors", she said.

In the forth quarter of each year Head Office of Civil Aviation
registers the increase of number of arriving people.

In the first quarter of 2009 more than 129 thousand people and in
the forth quarter – more than 201 thousand arrived.

In 2008 more than 204 thousand and 219 thousand people arrived.