Russia Shatters Balance In The Region


Information-Analytic Agency
Aug 6 2009

Russian-Turkish rapprochement is not a new process and Russia’s
shattering of the balance in the region endangers Armenia and
Nagorno-Karabakh. The oppositional Heritage Party MP Stepan Safaryan

Russian-Turkish rapprochement became more noticeable in 2008 when the
sides signed agreements, held meetings and made statements trampling
the interests of Armenian side. However Armenian authorities did
not respond to it properly. Armenian side did not warn that "their
superior strategic partner should not discuss the issues concerning
Armenians in the absence of the latter."

The expert reminded of the declaration on friendship and strategic
partnership signed by Russia and Azerbaijan: "Russia recognized
Azerbaijani territorial integrity and promised to make every effort
on the early settlement of Karabakh conflict if Azerbaijan agrees not
to participate in Nabucco project. So Russia shattered the balance
to the detriment of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh."

As to the question whether Russia’s energy policy is a cause
to strengthen positions in the region and can be considered
as anti-American step, Safaryan said: "It is Russia’s motive
and goal. President Putin was to take this policy as a basis. He
considered gas to be the main weapon of this policy. Using this
instrument Russia can not only maintain its influence in the region
but gain new territories," Safaryan said.

Safaryan considers that Armenian side forced Russia to change their
attitude and positions towards them, not displaying appropriate
reaction and keeping silence on the above mentioned statements.