Demonstrators Are Disappointed


[03:17 pm] 11 December, 2008

The mothers and wives of the detainees of March 1 gathered today on
one side of the Government building today, while the residents of
the alienation zones on the other. RA Premier Tigran Sargsyan had
promised to meet with them and discuss their issues. As to when that
meeting would take place, the demonstrators don’t know because every
time the government says that the prime minister is out of the country.

Among demonstrators were five refugee families living on Aghbyur Serob
street whom the Yerevan city council refuses to grant certificates
of ownership, despite the fact that the residents of the neighboring
homes have already received them. "We are refugees and they refuse
to help us in our homeland. Our neighbors were able to solve their
issue through bribes. How can we?" told "A1+" one of the women who
comes to the government building every Thursday.

Demonstrators were screaming "Shame on the mayor", "Thieves". According
to them, they no longer hope for any meeting with the a government
official because they have realized and are disappointed that no
government official will try to help them. The wives of political
prisoners were calling for "liberty" an ddemanding the release of
their husbands. Among participants was Karine Asaturovna, who is
the mother of March 1 detainee, former police officer and national
movement follower Kristapor Elazyan. Karine told us how her three
sons were arrested for no reason and how two of her children were
sentenced to four years in jail.

"They sentenced him when it is cleary seen in the discs that my son
was not beating a police officer, but rather saving his life. That
same police officer gave a false testimony in court," said Karine.

Then the wives and relatives of the political prisoners made some
turns in the small section that the police had given them and then
left with the plan to return next Thursday.

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