Site Determines Situation?


[02:51 pm] 11 December, 2008

Drivers in Yerevan start to worry when it starts to get cloudy in
the city.

They are more worried over the situation in the tunnel of the road
junction on Tigran Mets street after the rain.

"The bridge in front of the Pedagogical Institute leaks from both
sides. It is impossible to pass through there after the snow melts
in the spring," said one of the drivers.

"The junction on Baghramian-Orbeli intersection is also dangerous,"
said driver Arthur Baloyan.

Drivers are also worried that they won’t be able to stop and may come
into a collision if the tunnel roads are icy.

"A1+" talked to first deputy head of the office for construction plans
of Yerevan Felix Afyan to get a clear picture. Afyan said that the
construction standars allow the construction of passages with up to
8% slant.

As far as the Khanjyan-Tigran Mets road junction is concerned, Felix
Afyan said that there haven’t been any cases registered, but did not
exclude that the rains in the tunnel may accumulate.

Let us recall that constructors came across water tubes while
constructing the sewer.

"There hasn’t been any violation of norms and if water is accumulated,
we will clear things up and get everything back to normal," said
Felix Afyan.

According to Afyan, the water leaks in the tunnel are due to the
application of new technique of hydro-isolation. The hydro-isolation
was supposed to be done with the "hydroisol" type of cement, but
instead the constructors used the "hydrofob" cement.

"We have agreed with the "Griar" CJSC that the company will pay for
the flaws," cleared up Afyan.

"A1+" also talked to director o "Griar" Arthur Yordanyan. According to
him, the construction firm grants a one-year guarantee and if studies
in the Khanjyan-Tigran Mets road junction show that the flaws are
due to the constructors, construction will end. Chief engineer of
"Griar" Armen Martirosyan said that the reason for the accumulation
of rainwater is that the road for water tubes is long and the slant
is small.

"The road is long and that is why the water is collected. But that
takes a maximum of 10-15 minutes and only in the case of downpours. The
site determines the situation."

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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