"We Don’t Agree With Court Of Appeal"


20:32 10/12/2008

"Bi-line" company has already applied to the European Court of Human
Rights by three claims, where all the three have been received and
registered, said Hayk Khandjyan the director of the company to the
reporters. According to him their right to be defended has been broken
by the court system of Armenia.

Remind that when "Wimpelcom" company applied to the Agency of
Intellectual Property to register "Beeline" brand they have been
rejected as the brand looked similar with another existing brand

"Brand is an intellectual property and administrative body is not
authorized to deprive that brand, but in fact they did it. Opposite
to it the Constitution of Republic of Armenia defines that only court
is eligible to deprive intellectual property," said the director of
"Be-line" company.

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