President Confirms The Statute Of The National Security Council

27.05.2008 16:59

On May 26 RA President Serzh Sargsyan signed a decree on ratifying the
Statute of the National Security Council. According to the decree,
the National Security Council shall reveal the problems existing in
the domestic, foreign, military, political, social, food, energy,
ecological, informational, demographic, scientific-technical and other
spheres referring to security and protection of national interests,
organize, coordinate and control the works carried out in the direction
of implementing the doctrines and state programs envisaged by the
National Security Strategy Program.

The National Security Council coordinates the activity of state bodies
and assesses their effectiveness in the direction of implementing the
decisions adopted in the sphere of ensuring national security, sets
the main directions of the state’s strategic development, national
security and raising national competitiveness, takes decisions in the
direction of their implementation. In compliance with the National
Security Strategy, it implements the strategic reforms of the armed
forces, the law-enforcement bodies, the tax and customs systems and
assesses their effectiveness.

The President of the Republic of Armenia heads the Council ex
officio. The President of the Council confirms the Council’s annual
program, ratifies the Council’s decisions. The responsibilities of
the Council’s Secretary are also set by the decree.