EU Anxious About Possible Resumption Of War In Karabakh

27.05.2008 17:13

The European Union is more anxious about possible renewal of war in
Karabakh with regards to energy security, as some communications
are only 20 kilometers away from the conflict area, Johannes Rau,
German expert, doctor of philology, professor, member of the Forum
on international security under the academy of leading staff of
Bunderswer, said in an interview with

Speaking about the threat of resumption of military actions,
the expert said this way of conflict resolution is possible, but
extremely dangerous.

"All communications are passing via Azerbaijan. Some of them are
only 20 kilometers away from the conflict area. Therefore, the energy
security of Europe requires peaceful resolution of the conflict. But
I do not rule out the second variant as well," he said.

According to Johannes Rau, the resumption of war is dangerous,
primarily, for the European Union and the United States. "Perhaps,
even Russia would be less anxious about the renewal of hostilities,
while the European Union and the United States will have a serious
reason to be anxious," the expert noted.